VTCC - Cybersecurity Management and Analytics (BIT-Cyber) - Pamplin


Feb 11, 2022
My DD is starting this Fall at VTCC on AROTC track. She was accepted to the Pamplin School of Business, Business Information Technology - Cybersecurity Management and Analytics. Is there anyone here in this Major at VT? What level of mathematics is needed for this? She has been learning Python on her own and loves computer tech, but advanced math may be an issue for her. I would love to hear anyone's feedback about the program. I believe her eventual goal is to commission in the Army into one of their Cyber battalions.

Just a warning, math classes are incredibly difficult at VT compared to other colleges. It's the common weed-out class at this school alongside chemistry. Army allows community college transfer credits so I would highly recommend knocking that out over the summer before coming to VT—it'll help make that first semester a lot less stressful than it already is. That being said, the Corps has excellent tutoring sessions for all freshman cadets that occur almost nightly. For BIT though, you should only need Calc 1 which isn't too rough. See you all in the Fall.