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Nov 17, 2008
This is going to be one of the longest nights of my life.

I was talking to my Representative's nomination coordinator via email earlier today, and she ended with a message saying that she would most likely call me tomorrow with a :smile: at the end.

This sounds extremely positive, and the interview I had with that office earlier this week went really well, so it seems like I should have it in the bag. I just can't wait for the news.

If I don't get a call tomorrow, I'm gonna freak out. I have an LOA and a medical waiver for USAFA, and this is where I would get the nom.

AHHH! So close!

Is it fair to say that most of us 2013 candidates have had a very stressful fall season? :confused:

So, assuming I do get this nomination, I would be 3Q'd. Is this pretty much a guarantee for appointment? or is there more waiting involved?
I have an interview on the 16th, and I'm so anxious to hear from one of my senators, who doesn't do interviews. i have an loa too, but that just seemed to have stressed me out more, because it's all i think about now.
If/when the call comes and it is positive, then....you are IN! As you said, you have a LOA and a waiver for USAFA. If the nomination is to USAFA, then CONGRATULATIONS are in order!! Well done!