Im still on the list too, i'm fairly sure im pretty high up there, so have no expectation of getting off the list. luckily, they gave me civil prep, so i will be there next year. Good luck getting off the list!
Don't mean to burst any hopes that you have had. But I have heard unconfirmed rumors that not only are most waitlisted candidates going to stay that way but the class is overbooked by 30 more Cadet Candidates than Congress allows. Supposedly they are going drop people on thin ice. (Then again this may just be rumors, possibly even put out the academy to get people preparing and on their best behavior. Though it may be reputable since the unconfirmed report came from someone concerning MAJ Romans)
who knows, i will spend a year in alabama if i have to......hardly my first choice though
yea, i will be right there in alabama with you. I dont figure its any of our first choices, but lets at least try to make the best of the year. anyway, have you recieved any info from them, I made the 200 dollar deposit about 2 weeks ago-but still havent heard a thing.
Sucks about the waiting list, its worth waiting for.
Hell, I would rather enlist for a year and get in that way rather than go through an extra year of college.
i would be lying if i said i hadnt considered that...but from what i have heard you need to be in at least two years and there are no assurences that your commander would be willing to let you go
Yea, im the same way. Enlisting really would be the better option, but with civil prep, WE have control over getting the appointment...i dont want to leave anything to chance.
Some have done one year only and gone straight in (my yearling year roomate (of course, he was an *******, but anyway...))
Very few commanders are not going to let one of their soldiers go to west point. They may piss somebody much higher up, off.
Good leaders are an asset. Any commander worth a damn would let a soldier go who has been accepted.
I have never heard of someone not getting a release to go to West Point.
I will say serving a term enlisted is a better prep for West Point than any civilian prep-school.
lc06 and frijoles, Congratulations on your quest thus far to attend USMA. There is one reason and one reason alone that you are not at the academy now and that is due to marginal academics. The only reason the admissions board will recommend prep school is for marginal academics, be it SATs, curriculum, or GPA/class standing or a combination of the three. Should you enlist, you would probably end up two years behind because they would send you to the prep school. LC06 is correct, you now have control over your admissions. Make the most of it. Prep schools will put you ahead of the power curve. Next year you will be much better equipped to handle the rigors of both plebe year and academics. As a moderator, sylvan should be more responsible in his posts. Good luck.
usna, thanks and that is indeed what I have heard from the many people who convinced me that the mmi was the way to go.

happy fourth all
frijoles, Also, at USNA, Foundation candidates (private prep schools) have a higher graduation rate than the brigade at large. I would imagine it is the same for USMA.