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    I've been seriously considering waitlisting myself at some colleges until I finally receive admission decisions from them all before making a decision on if I want to or need to request a unit change in full. I just want to make sure I end up enrolling at a college that I can activate my NROTC scholarship at. My assigned school, Stanford, doesn't get released until April 1. We all know how selective that college is, so I have been trying to secure a nice plan B in case that falls through. I'm not doubting my capabilities at that college, it's just getting in is the issue :yllol: I am also waiting for Univ or Southern California, which I feel I can get into quite smoothly. All the UC (University of California) schools are finally starting to roll out on decisions this month. I got into UC San Diego about a week ago, but I am still waiting for UC Davis, LA, and Berkeley. They don't come out until late March. I don't know how I feel about those colleges since the impacted majors and selectivity make it really hard to gauge who will get in and who won't. I've also got into San Diego State a few months ago. So I have two schools so far that I can potentially use my scholarship at and waiting on all my others which come out in a few weeks.

    My question is this: Would it be in my best interest to begin the waitlist form and send it in to Pensacola NOW? OR, should I just simply wait a few weeks until my admission decisions all come out and then make my final decision if I need to request a unit change? If I were to do a waitlist, I would waitlist at UCLA, USC, and UCSD. By the way, I qualify for instate tuition for all.

    Also, what is the address that I mail out my form to?
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    If I'm reading this correctly, you've been awarded a scholarship to Stanford but haven't been accepted there yet. You have been accepted to UCSD (yea! my alma mater) and SDSU, but not the other UC schools. You expect to hear by the end of the month/April about acceptance to these schools, including Stanford.

    What is the deadline for accepting the scholarship to Stanford or requesting a change to a different school? If that date is after when you expect to hear acceptance from the colleges, I would wait. From what I've read on this forum, requesting a scholarship change from school A to school B is done in the May/June timeframe.

    Once you do get acceptance to the rest of the schools on your list, you might want to pare it down (visit if you haven't yet) and decide which schools are really the best fit for you/your major, ROTC unit, culture of school, etc.

    Just my 2 cents...

    Assuming you have the change request form, does it not say where to send it?

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