Waiver denied


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Jul 7, 2017
I need some help here. I've waited for a waiver to be approved now for 4 months now and I just got the information back on it today that it was denied. Which means I can no longer enlist for the Marine Corps. However this waiver was for motion sickness and it was said on the waiver that I wrote, I had no problems with it for about 10 years now. I've been told I shouldn't have said anything about it which I shouldn't have since it hasn't effected me for that long. Is there anything I can do to fight this waiver that was denied?

It was self diagnosed. I told the counselor at MEPS that I took Dramamine for it. I'm not sure why they would deny the waiver though. It was a waiver denial from regular enlistment.
I don't know if people will disagree with me, and I know it's to late for you but for the ones that haven't gone through MEPS yet:

If it wasn't diagnosed by a physician IT IS NOT A DIAGNOSED CONDITION and does not need to be volunteered as information. Unless there is an ICD-10 code on your medical record that says you have a condition, you don't.

Talk to your recruiter. They can usually figure out ways to get it waived (especially for enlisted). When I was going through MEPS one of the ladies with me told the people there she had done cocaine two years prior...she still got in under Corpsman with me after interviewing with someone there.