Waiver Denied


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Jan 8, 2007
Does the DoDMERB site show any change in status if a waiver has been denied and you have sent in more information from doctors for BUMED to review? I fedexed info last week and was wondering how BUMED would know that I wanted them to re-look at my waiver.
There is a time line they must follow, it's good that you got your information sent early. From my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong NavyHM) but BUMED is MUCH more thorough in their investigations and will probably ask you to do more testing done by military doctors.

The best way to find out if its made it to the waiver authorities is to call DoDMERB and ask. I do belive that there is a "date information posted to wavier authorities" that may change when information is reposted, but I'm not sure on that. I'll have to check and get back with you on that.

So give DoDMERB a call and they will let you know if its been posted to BUMED. BUMED will respond one way or the other. It may take them up to 4 weeks from the time the information is posted to them.
Thank you for the info. I will call DodMERB. I got disqualified for eczema and NROTC did not grant me a waiver. I saw my dermatologist and she wrote a note on a prescription pad that said I had mild eczema that involves < 2% BSA and is mild at its worst so I am hoping they will relook at my case. I sent that to DODMERB along with a letter from me on how eczema affects my lifestyle. I also have an LOA from USNA and no decision has been made on my waiver. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
My DoDMERB current medical status has changed for NROTC to Pending Waiver Submission/Review. It posted today 3/29/2007. I did write in my letter that I am willing to be evaluated by a military doctor. I hope that I will hear good news so that I can follow a long family history of serving in the Navy.
My medical waiver for eczema was granted for USNA! NROTC has not made a decision yet on their 2nd look at my waiver. What do you think are the chances they will reverse their 1st decision since I sent more info from my doctor and USNA has granted the waiver?
Congratulations on the waiver! It it possible that NROTC will change their decision, but I'm not going to guess on whether they will or not.
Thank You RetHM. You have been extremely helpful throughout the waiver process. I hope that NROTC will make a decision soon so I can weigh all my options and make the best possible choice for me.
Waiver Denial No More!!!!

I just checked the DoDMERB site and NROTC reversed their decision and have now granted my waiver !!!!! :smile:
Again, congratulations on the waiver! It would appear that you are done with DoDMERB. Now stay safe and healthy so you don't have to deal with them any more!!