Waiver Granted by Academy and Denied by ROTC


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Aug 8, 2017
My daughter was granted a medical waiver from an academy (medically cleared to be considered for appointment) but was denied a waiver by the same branch ROTC. She has a pending waiver submission/review for another academy and has not heard yet whether she will receive two other ROTC scholarships. She sent her waiver granted academy letter to DoDMERB and has considered sending a personal statement and recommendation to DoDMERB. What should she proactively do (if anything) with respect to getting additional waivers?
I'm no expert, but from what I read, its generally the other way around, with academies being less prone to give waivers and ROTC units being more lenient about giving waivers. So, I'm surprised and can't tell you where to go from here. I guess one thing might be to check that the ROTC waiver authority was forwarded all the same remedial information that academy received?