Waiver Granted...Qualified Physical Exam?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Libertador, Jun 15, 2014.

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    After seeing my Army ROTC medical waiver had been granted through DoDMERB's online portal I got a letter in the mail yesterday which read:

    "I have reviewed your medical records...your medical waiver request for...has been approved. A qualified waiver is not a notification of a qualified physical exam; only the DODMERB, who is responsible for medical screening of all officer applicants to the military service academies and ROTC programs, can do this. Please ensure any other medical documents requested by DODMERB are provided as soon as possible."

    I really do not know what this means? I know obviously the waiver has been approved by I don't know what a qualified physical exam is and I don't know whether this means I need to take further action at this point or whether I have nothing to worry about? DODMERB has not requested any other medical documents but DODMERB also didn't submit my file to the Army waiver authority until I called them and questioned why that step had not been taken a month earlier when my Air Fore paperwork had been turned over to that waiver authority, so it scares me to sit back and not be proactive here. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    If the letter you received came from Cadet Command then they are just covering their butt and making sure no one does anything until DODMERB updates your status. If your status in DODMERB says you are waiver granted then you are good to go.

    You should really have asked this question of your new Battalion, and I would encourage you to check with them to make sure they are tracking that your medical is good to go.

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