Waiver process time


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Jan 14, 2008
i have applied to both usna and usafa. I was disqualified for an eye problem and was wondering how long the waiver process usually takes.
From the date of the disqualification it normally takes between 4 to 8 weeks to hear back from the waiver authorities.
Yes that is about right. I took 4 weeks for us to hear back from Dodmerb. Patience.....
I did post the question, but on another thread. How long does it take usually, once you complete the requested test and assuming it is satisfactory, to actually be granted a waiver... and what are the chances the waiver will actually be granted?
If the results are normal, the waiver will most likely be granted. From the time the results get to DoDMERB it can take 4 to 8 weeks for a decision, usually for information requested by the waiver authorities it is on the lower end of that scale and possibly even faster.
Hey all. Im currently applying for USAFA (2012) and im pursuing a waiver for 'sinusitis'. I see that it will take about a month or two to hear back. But I just got the DQ this month and sent out my waiver request last week. So, theoretically, when the academy board meets in March, my waiver could still not be decided on.

If my medical status is still "incomplete" or DQed when the board looks at me, how could that affect their decision?

The admissions board does not look at the medical until the admissions decision has been made. If the admissions board decides to offer you an appointment it will be a conditional appointment pending clearance of medical.