Waiver Process


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Feb 22, 2017
Status on DoDMERB portal changed from "Remedial Requested" to "Pending Waiver/Review". I got the dq based on a "history of anxiety" which shouldn't be the case since I passed all the parameters per DoDI 6130.03, so I'm really confused. I know the decision is in the hands of the WA, but is there anything I can do to combat this at the DoDMERB level? Perhaps they could overturn there decision? The real question I had though is what happens next. Once my detachment requests a waiver, what exactly happens. In other words what does the waiver consist of, and would I be able to add supplemental information? I was planning on getting additional examinations to prove that the condition doesn't affect me and I wanted to know if I could give this to my cadre to submit. Could it be possible that I was dqed since I didn't have it in writing that I was clear on all parameters per DoDI 6130.03? I sort of assumed that they would be able to come to that conclusion after reviewing my medical history. Thank you for any feedback!