Waiver still showing up


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Dec 11, 2006
I received my appointment to USNA on March 02. My eye waiver is still posted on DoDmerb.

Agency: US Naval Academy
Current Medical Status ( as of 4/5/2007): Waiverable (see item 9)

I suppose that I should not be concerned since I have my appointment, but I thought that the waiver would have gone through by now. Any thoughts?

First, congratulations on the appointment to USNA. Great accomplishment.

Second, the "Waiverable" status is an administrative item for USNA. From a DoDMERB standpoint you are medically qualified. Since USNA has granted you an appointment it means that administratively they have granted you a waiver. Nothing will change from a DoDMERB standpoint.

So congratulations and stay safe and healthy until I-Day!!
Not privy to the online candidate information system, I am not positive exactly how it is posted, but on the BGO system, somewhere along the line it changes from "Waiverable" to "Fully Qualified". Not a big deal. Congratulations.