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    Currently I am in the process of getting my waiver reviewed through DoDMERB for the Naval Academy. Yesterday I had my remedial appointment for my USNA waiver. About a week ago, NROTC was also added to my DoDMERB page, with the same DQ and waiver request.

    Will I have to do another remedial appointment for NROTC, or will DoDMERB use yesterday's appointment for both USNA and NROTC waivers?

    Right now, on DoDMERB's site, both agencies have a status that says "Pending Waiver Submission/Review". DoDMETS page says "Case Closed". Thank you all in advance for your help!
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    DoDMERBs job is to Q or DQ. That is it.

    The commissioning source will be the one to waive the DQ. In your case USNA and NROTC are your commissioning sources? Their medical board meet and process on their timetable.

    If the remedial is needed for NROTC they will use the one you submitted to DoDMERB, just like the exam.

    USNA can decide to waive and NROTC may decide not to, or vise a verse.

    I know NROTC is like AFROTC and you will go AD out of ROTC, but your commission will be Reserve, thus it is that commissioning source that decides, even though they are both part of USN.

    EX: Color vision deficiency is always hard to get waived, but even more so for USNA. USNA may decline and NROTC may waive.

    Just like the appointment/nomination process there are moving pieces where finesse is a factor too.
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    Thanks for clearing that up, Pima!

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