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Jun 21, 2007
Hi again everyone:

Like I image at least some of you we are in a holding pattern :rolleyes:- part of which is medical. The last conversation with Dodmerb and then the nice lady at USNA Waiver office was that waiver were NOT being reviewed unless the candidate had an acceptance from the academy. Did I miss this information somewhere? Has this always been the case? My D does not have an LOA nor an acceptance as of now - she has an SQ, nom and all the other goodies but got the impression that "bothering" with the waiver was pointless until she got an acceptance.

Anyone else have any experience with this? Thanks-
Over the past 4 years it has become a standard for most of the academies, and I have stated as much multiple times. USNA will not forward an applicants name to the waiver authority unless the candidate is going to be considered for an appointment. It could be that they have tightened it up recently to make it so that only those who are offered an appointment have their names forwarded to the waiver authority.

There are a couple of reasons that this is being done, first, and the biggest reason, is to cut down on the number of applicants that the waiver authority has to review. It gives the waiver authority more time to spend reviewing an applicants medical records, and the waiver authorities also know that the applicants who they see are the ones who either have been or will be offered an appointment.

It helps the admissions office by reducing some of their workload by not having to worry about an applicants medical status prior to offering an appointment, so they can look at the admissions package and let the medical stuff work separately.

It does pose its own issues with the applicants (and parents) who are waiting months to hear about the waiver. Of course if an applicant is not in the running for an appointment they will never hear from the waiver authorities.

And for those applicants who are offered an appointment but get their waiver denied it can be a much harder to accept.

I know that USNA and the USNA waiver folks thought long and hard over this process, and have decided that this is the most appropriate way to process the applicants who require waivers. I know it does not make it any easier for the applicants who are waiting.
Over the past 4 years it has become a standard for most of the academies, and I have stated as much multiple times.
Sorry RetNavy- I guess we missed it somehow- we try to read and reread so you don't have to continually repeat yourself.

I know that USNA and the USNA waiver folks thought long and hard over this process, and have decided that this is the most appropriate way to process the applicants who require waivers. I know it does not make it any easier for the applicants who are waiting
The waiting is ungodly. I'm thinking more along the "longer the wait at this point, the more the acceptance chances go down". Not very encouraging but we will keep trying to hang in there.

Thanks for the info.
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kgrmom, and all others that I may have seemed a little short to in the past couple of weeks.

I have to apologize, as with anyone else, life has its twists and turns. Work, family, finances, whatever it is, can sometimes jump in and put extra pressures on one and sometimes cause that person to become an ogre for a bit. That has been me for the past couple of weeks.

I realize that the DoDMERB section has taken on a life of its own. There is a ton of information here, and it can be difficult to sort through it and try to make sense of it all when it comes to your particular case. Its even difficult for me to go through and find some of my old posts.

I have been meaning to do a FAQ of some of the most often asked questions about DoDMERB and the waiver process, but have not been able to find the time. I should have the time in the next month to get one done.

I have tried to answer questions as quickly as possible for the applicants and parents, as I understand this is very important, and in this world of "I want it, and I want it now" (of which I'm as guilty as anyone) I feel the need to provide an answer as quickly, and accurately, as possible. This is a volunteer position, so I still need to put food on the table, and there are deadlines at work that I need to meet, travel that needs to be done, and I still enjoy spending time with my family.

So there may be times where I don't/can't write a novel, yet I still want to get an answer out to the applicant/parent a quickly as possible. I'm really not a ogre (most of the time), so please don't ever be afraid to post. Also feel free to send me a PM if you feel that I've been a little short with you or someone else.

Thanks for listening!!
Ogre? I don't think so. . .


For me, and I know for others whose posts I have read, you have been an enormous source of information. Because of the advice you have shared, my son was pro-active in pursuing his medical waiver. He exhibited persistence and confidence that he is fit to serve. As a result, he got his waiver.

So, let me publicly thank you for all you do. And, personally, I don't think you have ever come across as an ogre!

Thanks from a mom of a future Naval officer!
Life does hold it's challenges, daily. You are a great mountain of information.
My outcome did not work out, but at least there was a person that I could travel with. I appreciate your words and time.
Hoepfully next year as I begin the process again, you will still be near!

You've never seemed short (I don't know how you do it) and I appreciate reading anything you have to write.

So, I apologize if this has been answered before - and it likely has. I can't find the exact answer. My son has received a waiver for pes cavus from AROTC and USMA has requested a waiver for the same condition. Does USMA also request waivers for only those that they are seriously considering as USNA does? Or do they request waivers for all candidates?

Thank you.
USMA works similar to USNA, in that only the applicants who are in the running for an appointment get sent up tp the waiver authority.

Like everyone else id like to say THANK YOU for all the information youve posted. And im sorry if this is a silly question, but I know that all the academies like to do things differently from each other. You say that USNA and USMA will only consider a waiver if youre competitive, but what about USAFA. I applied for a waiver for sinusitis, and they told me theyd wait until after i go see an Air Force Doctor next week, so he can evaluate me for "military adaptability" regarding my med issue.

So if theyre willing to consider a waiver, and send me three hours to MacDill for a doctors visit, does that mean Im competitive?

Again thanks for everything
No offense was taken RetNavy. I for one would take your advice, any time you can give it (even on an "off day"). Lord knows I have plenty of those myself :rant2: . In my book you are a godsend, patient and one the most timely, responsive members around. This board is lucky to have you.

Huge THANK YOU is not enough. :)
Hate to be a nag but my D still needs this darn waiver. Since she is now on the "wait list" and that hangs out there for who knows how long does anyone (maybe Ret Navy) know when the waiver Gods review her waiver status now?

Do they still wait until an actual acceptance even if that may be June? Is that enough time or is this some kind of decision they can make that quickly if need be.

Also waiting on a waiver

My daughter is also waiting on a waiver. She accepted a prep school scholarship for USCGA two weeks ago & they told her the waiver committee would be going over her files -- I've checked on DoDMERB everyday since. They must have looked at it on 3/28, because the admission status changed, but nothing else. She e-mailed her contact at the USCGA yesterday, so we will have to wait for a reply. I think they have to do it soon because they told her they would be deciding which prep school to send her to by 4/15. That waiver can't come soone enough - the waiting is almost as brutal as the wait for the academy letter.
My understanding of the process, which could have changed recently, is that applicants who are being considered for an appointment (and in my mind that would be those who are wait listed as well) have their names forwarded to the waiver authorities for waiver review. kgrmom, I would have your daughter contact her admissions office to see if her name has been forwarded to the waiver authorities.

Now if my assumptions are wrong, then it could be that the admissions office will not forward her name up until she is actually offered an appointment and not wait listed. In that case it would be possible for the waiver folks to do a rush review, but I can envision all sorts of problems with that, so I really don't think that is what they would do.

Again, contacting the admissions office would be the best bet at this point in time.