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Jul 6, 2006
I have completed my physical and am waiting to hear back from DODMERB. We anticipated question about my vision...correctable to 20/20 but finger something without glasses. I also have what the dermatologist has called seborreah above my eyelid. The Derm is an AF doctor and USAFA grad wrote a letter that we gave to the doctor doing the physical sating it should not be a problem. Also have seasonal allergies treated with zyrtec and flonase. Is DODMERB gonna DQ me???

Without more detailed information, that I am not going to ask for, I can not say if you will be disqualified or not. The fact that you correct to 20/20 is a good sign, but without the refractive error I can't say for sure if you will be cleared from a vision standpoint.

The seborrhea may be an issue, DoDMERB will request copies of all medical records regarding this, so I would start to gather all that information and submit it when you recieve the letter from DoDMERB requesting the information.

DoDMERB will also send an allergy questionnaire to you to fill out concerning the allergies. More than likely the allergies will not be an issue.