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Jun 28, 2006
Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to see if anyone had an estimate for hearing back for a waiver. Also, am I waiting for a response from Dodmerb or the USCGA regarding the waiver.

I got DQ'ed for:
History of symptomatic supraventricular tachycardia/ECG evidence thereof

I used to have supraventricular tachycardia. It was more of an annoyance thatn anything else. I opted to receive the ablation procedure in spring 2004. I haven't had any symptoms or episodes since. I have talked to one military doctor at USCGA that said he has heard of people in the fleet getting ablation while on active duty and thinks that SVT is waiverable at times. Does it help that I am a cross country runner and are exercising/ running a lot. Especially in the hot Arizona weather. Can you give some insight on if my condition is waiverable or not?

If anyone else has any insight, that would be appreciated as well.

Thanks and sorry for all the questions!

First, this should have been posted in the DoDMERB section. Second, a history of SVT status post RF ablation, as long as you have been stable at least 2 years without any recurrence of the symptoms should be eligible for a waiver. As to the chances of getting a waiver? I'm really not sure. With all cardiology issues the waiver authorities take a very close look at all the medical information before making a wavier determination.

Does DoDMERB have copies of all your medical records concerning this? If not I would make sure to get a copy of everything (and I mean everything) concerning the SVT as well as the RF ablation procedure and all follow up information to DoDMERB as it will all be forwarded to the wavier authorities. I would also send a letter to DoDMERB requesting that it get forwarded to the waiver authorities explaining in your words what symptoms you had, and what symptoms you currently have, if any, as well as a list of all activities you currently participate in. The wavier authorities can take your statement into consideration.

As for a time line to get information back from the waiver authorities (DoDMERB does not do they waivers, they just post the information from the waiver authorities on the DoDMERB web site) it can vary. For the service academies they normally will not process an applicant for a waiver until the admissions office tells the medical folks that the applicant is a good candidate. For ROTC it can take 6-8 weeks to hear back from the waiver authorities.

Hope this helps, and if you have further questions regarding DoDMERB, feel free to ask away, just do it in the DoDMERB section! Thanks!