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Sep 14, 2015
DW dosen't post, so this "Plebe Tip" was left to me.

Permanent eyeliner; DW had it done 20 years ago because she was sick of the time it took to apply the stuff. DW swears by it, and the time it saves her every day.

Before DD took of for PS 2016 her Mom took DD in and got a "daytime eyeliner" done for her. (Note), DD also had eyebrows done (her father is a Swede---- DD doesn't really have visible eyebrows).

YES I know PS isn't about looking "Hot" or "Pretty", but everyday during Plebe summer and through plebe year DD woke up with "her eyes done". A minor bit of normalcy, without having to do any thing.

Its a tiny "tatoo", DD checked into it with B&G and learned it was not an issue: "Not the intent of the Reg, and besides how would they ever know if you don't go overboard with it" According to DW there are people who specialize in this kind of tatoo, it cost about $350 out here on the west cost, (DW says to ask around, people who are good at this are usually well known). DW says that "its pretty-much painless; scabs come of, and a little redness goes away in 3-4 days: thats it" (plenty of time).

Wife swears by this & DD really appriciated it.

That's my Combat Beauty Tip for the day.

This is fantastic. Of all the "female issue" threads on here, I do believe this is the first time permanent eyeliner has been discussed! A great suggestion as a graduation gift!