What accounts for Hardship?


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Nov 23, 2008
Hi.. I am new to this.. thanks so much for all the wonderful info.

Hi posted under LOA section.. but just wondered how the AFA takes hardships into account? My daughter's Dad (my husband) died at the start of her junior year. She has a 3.5 GPA, 2 Varsity letters, 5 sports.. Field Hockey, LAX, Tennis, golf and track... her SAT's could be a bit better.. 640 verbal and 590 Math and 600 writing. Her CFA was..

1 pull up (4 months work for that)..
shuttle was 10.4,
BB throw was 35,
push ups were 29,
95 situps (maxed) and
run was 7:50.
She took 2 more SATS and did the same or worse. is taking ACT in Dec... SAT again in Jan.
Her Dad was sick for 5 years and died of ALS (Lou Gehrigs).. we have been through a lot.. and my Mom was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer 3 months before he died.. and about 3 months ago my late husband's father had a massive heart attack. (Comes in 3's is right). I think she has shown remarkable grace and resolve in light of everything.. but do they care or look at it as a negative since she had a drop in grades?

She had a 93% GPA.. AFA figured her gpa at end of jr. year at 3.54. She was selected for summer seminar. Has good leadership positions and about 150 hours of volunteer time. Her percentage is down to 90% now.. since jr. year was hard because of classes an situation. She got a 79% in Biology last year.. but it was an AP class. That was her low grade. Everything else was mid B's or A's. and they were all honors classes.

She went to summer seminar #1. Loved it.. clicked.. loved it so much..

She has not gotten a LOA ( I know they are rare).. we did get a nomination (Senate).

Do we have a snowball's chance? and Also at the interviews.. one of panel members also lost his father jr. year.. he said she should write them to make sure they know what happened to her last year. She did write about it for her essay.. about the hardest thing to overcome...
But it is a strange thing.. you want them to know, but not "pity"... and you don't want to seem like you are trying to capitalize on it. Does anyone know what I mean?

Any help would be so greatly appreciated. When we got the Summer Seminar packet.. we were so so so happy. Our ALO told us we could apply but she probably would not get in....not to get our hopes up. Then she did get in. It was sorrowful also because her Dad was not here to share it. We laughed and cried at the same time.
Weathermom; sorry, I read the LOA thread before this one. Have your daughter speak with her ALO. Read my other post. Your daughter's ALO "Unofficially" has a lot of influence over the process. Best of luck.... Later.... mike....