What are my chances for AROTC or NROTC scholarship?

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    I have been in NJROTC for 4 years and have held several leadership positions and have been an active member of most teams the unit offers (Drill, Athletics, Academics, Orienteering, Cyber Patriot). I competed at the NJROTC drill, athletics, and academics national championship. My interview went well and it was conducted by an assistant NROTC professor at my first choice school. I have also been accepted to my first choice school.
    I have applied for the Ike Skelton Early Commissioning Program through the Army.

    I have a 2.7 GPA (Unweighted) 2.9 (Weighted) (I know how bad it is)
    I have a 1260 SAT
    I plan to major in Computer Science with a minor in Cyber Security
    NROTC PT Scores
    75 push-ups
    95 sit-ups
    6:41 mile
    AROTC PT Scores
    74 push-ups
    66 sit-ups
    6:31 mile

    I am well aware of the disadvantage I am at due to my extremely poor GPA but if I do not receive a scholarship to plan to join NROTC as a college programmer.
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    My own opinion is that with your GPA and SAT scores as they are you probably have little chance. My son had much higher scores and did not receive a Marine Option scholarship. College Programmer is a good backup plan. That's what my son did, worked hard, and won a sideload scholarship during his sophomore year. He is serving as a 1st Lt. today. Good luck.
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    Agree with Kinnem.

    Be aware of all the rules regarding Ike Skelton. Numerous threads about this on the forum.

    You should have a strong back up plan if your goal is to commission as an officer.
    My DS was turned down by USNA and NROTC/Marine Option. Army wasn't even on his radar.

    He "walked-on" to Army ROTC at his local university and earned a 3 year campus based Army Scholarship though hard work and good grades at college. He will commission in 2019.
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