What are my chances of getting in?


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I am a high school senior at a competitive high school in the SF Bay Area
GPA: 3.5w, 3.3uw Not great, I know but I've taken a lot of AP and Honors Classes
ACT: 25, I've taken it a couple times but I haven't tested consistently. I am taking it again and i'm hoping to raise it
ECs: Varsity Water polo Captain (3 years Var, 1 JV) MVP, 1st team All League, Played in the Junior Olympics, Club Water Polo Captain
Boys State Attende, Boys State Senator, also passed BAR there
2 years swim team, 1 varsity, I am playing Badminton this year
Debate team junior year, philosophy club
Junior Docent at the Jimmy Doolittle Museum

I have already received a congressional nomination to the USNA and completed CFA, I maxed 2 categories and scored high in the others.


I think your ACT scores arent high enough. You need to work on getting them higher. Even your grades 3.3/3.5 arent fantastic. Having said that, they look at the whole picture so the lower scores doesnt necessarily mean you arent getting in. Just realize there are plenty of people with higher grades and test scores that you are competing against.

Good Luck

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Your answer is pretty much the same as all of the other "chance me's...." ..Nobody knows.
I would suspect that SF Bay area is pretty competitive -- you have some good tickets, but grades /ACT's could use some improvement if you want to be competitive.

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The academic portion of the candidate score is most heavily weighted towards academic. Your test scores and GPA are on the low side and would need to be improved.


I'm also applying from SF Bay Area!

My ACT/SAT scores were not so hot either, but I took a course to raise them:
Princeton Review- they have a free 14 day trial you could do (just make an account) for ACT, with practice problems and explanations. A lot of the ACT and SAT are strategy based, so once you get the flow of how the questions are phrased, it'll be easier to make a logical decision on the answer. If you're not retaking it soon, try to do a SAT/ACT 6 week in person course. Having it in person support really helped me and many others, since we were able to ask questions on the spot. Good luck!

Another thing: try a Khan Academy full practice SAT test, and see how you do. Some people don't do very well on the ACT but excel in the SAT (vise versa). It's good to keep your options open to see which one you prefer and which one you do better at.

Hopefully this was of some help :)