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    Hi all, I just joined this forum and was thrilled to see the amount of responses from other hopeful candidates!

    So to start off I am a current SOPHOMORE, class of 2014 in Highschool.
    My credentials go as following, starting with academics:

    Freshman year: All regular core classes, Honors Geometry(1 year ahead), and Spanish 100 for two semesters.

    Averaging GPA for 1st and 2nd semester at 3.67.

    I am pursuing an IB Diploma.
    Sophomore year, I slacked off: Full Pre-IB Courses.
    Pre-IB History
    Pre-IB English
    Pre-IB Chemistry(that was hell)
    Pre-IB Algebra II/TRIG
    Intro to Marketing
    Spanish 200
    Average GPA Sophomore Year: 3.3.
    As you can see, I went from one honors class to FULL IB HONORS CRAZY classes.

    I plan on improving drastically.

    Average Overall GPA 9-10 grade: 3.55

    What classes I plan to take Junior Year:
    IB History
    IB English
    IB Physics
    IB PRE-Calc
    IB Spanish 300
    IB Business and marketing
    Aiming for a 4.0 :D
    Aiming for a 3.85 GPA End of Junior Year.

    Senior Year(Doesn't really matter if I don't make it)
    Same classes except IB Spanish 400 and IB Calculus

    Taking SAT Prep during the summer, on practice test I scored a 1840. Aiming for 2100.

    For sports:
    Freshmen year: Football
    Sophomore year: JV Tennis and Crew(Rowing)
    Junior year: Varsity Tennis and Experienced(Varsity) Crew
    Senior year: V Tennis and Experienced Crew


    Okay, so for leadership I am heavily involved in almost anything I can do.
    First off, I am in the US Naval Sea Cadets. I joined this year and am going to Bootcamp this summer. I hope to expand my leadership skills through this and become a LPO(Leading Petty Officer) end of my Junior year when I apply.

    So during freshmen year, since my school was a 7-9 Junior High school, I was elected Co-President of ASB, that helped me a lot to prepare for what I did this year.

    Sophomore Year: Elected Sophomore Class President at the beginning of the year, and also elected for Vice President of Key Club(Community service oriented club) for next year. And also at the end of the year, I ran for Junior Class President, and won unopposed

    Junior Year: I plan to finish the year strong and motivated, and will run for ASB President. If I lose, I will run for Senior Class President.

    So basically, I was elected co-president of my Junior High School ASB, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President, Key Club Vice President, and hope to become a LPO at Sea Cadets.

    I think that's all I need to say for my credentials.

    Thank you for all of you who have taken their time to read this and I hope to get replies on what I need to do to improve. Thank you guys so much!
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    Well, no one on here can give you a straight shot answer, but always aim high and do your personal best at everything you're in, and never forget to keep your character and a good attitude. That is what I did when I was in high school as well as now (wow, it's weird to think that I'm not in high school anymore.. ha!), and although I did not recieve a direct appointment, I got the opportunity of a lifetime to prep for a year before I (granted that I continue to perform at the level I have) gain an appointment. I wish the best for you and that is the best advice I can offer. Good luck and enjoy the ride! :smile:
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    Here's the real deal.

    You have 0% chance if you don't apply.

    My concern here is you are being unrealistic regarding your CGPA for Junior yr. I say that because your soph yr dropped to a 3.3 from a 3.67. I understand you may have hit a bump in the road and that is why it dropped, BUT your jr yr classes will be built on the foundation of your sophomore yr classes, and to assume you will pull a 4.0 may be pie in the sky.
    OBTW your sr. class schedule does matter because 7th semester grades are a player in the appointments. Same with the grades, bust a class and you can lose the appointment. They worry about senioritis.

    It does not matter for AFROTC scholarship because they do not include sr. yr. for scholarships.

    Right now the best you can do is to start taking the SAT/ACT this fall. Your scores will go up, and the AFA uses a superscore system so it is no harm, no foul to take them often. AFROTC scholarship uses best sitting.

    Take the PSAT come October. The PSAT is the only way you can obtain one more academic feather in your cap from a national perspective. NMSF (National Merit Semi Finalist), NMF. This helps you when you open up your PCQ next spring, and also if you want to go to SLS. Mainly due to the fact to become an NMSF or an NMF you must score in the 95%+ on the subjects. It will also allow you to get accustomed to the test while giving you a ball park guesstimate of what your SAT score will be like. Rule of thumb add a 0 behind the score and that is your SAT score.

    I would suggest you look at your medical records; this is where the shocker typically comes from. Candidates think that since they play sports they are clear and hot to go, but many times there is something in their records that will DQ them. A doctor may have prescribed an inhaler, but you never used it, that has to be placed on the DoDMERB exam, and it can become an issue. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count on how often this comes up, the secondary big issue is vision. The waiver process can be long, so if you know this exists now, get your ducks in a row.

    Finally, I don't know how great a tennis player or crew member you are, but if your team wins district, state, nationals, make sure you place that on your credentials.

    It appears you have a great balance currently, but life gets in the way, be prepared to react when it does to keep yourself competitive. I would also do some research to see if the MOCs operate on the 1 nom, share the wealth system. You should be able to find out from here, your ALO for the area or the MOC staff what the avg cgpa, SAT/ACT was for 16. If you cannot find it out from them or here, the AFA always publishes the profile of the incoming class, and at least that will give you a ball park to see if you are on target academically and in the EC world.

    This site is great for giving direction, but remember the way appointments work is it starts at a geo-centric perspective 1st. Poster A from Idaho or B from California should not be used as your marker when you are from Seattle. You will first go up against Cong./Sen A/Sen B slates, than to the national level. You need to beat out your competition in your state 1st for that appointment.
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