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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by armykid11, Feb 20, 2015.

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    My friend and I happen to be going to the same highly competitive college prep academy. We happen to be in different districts. We both happen to want to attend West Point. He is stronger than me in terms of athletics. Academically, I'm superior. We were in the same squad at SLE and scored comparably on the CFA.

    He received his appointment in the first run. Naturally, I am freaking out as I haven't received mine yet. Technically, my application isn't complete yet. DoDMERB is still reviewing my exams. I had to take mine late due to having Ortho-K contacts lenses (90 day rule). DoDMERB agreed to let me take them earlier than scheduled though due to the rule interfering with the application deadline.

    That being said, has anyone ever heard of a situation like this? We are both pretty qualified. I'm by no means bad athletically (team captain, volleyball team is 3rd in the state, etc.) and he is by no means bad academically. When we were at SLE, one of our cadet sergeants said it was unlikely we would both get in, but not impossible. Does anybody know if going to the same school will hurt me?
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    Going to the same school will not hurt you. People from the same school have been appointed in the past. Of course you may not get an appointment for one or more reasons. You will certainly not receive an appointment until the DoDMERB work is completed. All you can do at this point is wait it out.
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    Worry about what you can control-completing medical qualification
    and it sounds like your on your way to completing that task. We've had students in the past from our town be accepted to West Point from the same school, same district. Best of luck to you.

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