What are my odds?


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Jan 16, 2009
So I sent everything in and now am just scared about my chances so here goes!

First Generation American
Received Nomination from Congressman

3.5 unweighted
4.2 weighted
top 11% in class
(all estimates, exact goes to a whole lot more decimal points)
edit: ACT 32 Math 30 English

Taking maximum amount of classes possible (7 / 8 periods, they wouldn't let me forfeit lunch)
Currently in all Honors/AP courses as was last year

Heres where it slims down
NHS Member 3 years volunteer about 2 hours a week year round
Judo Student (just started last year) 2 hours a week year round
Karate Instructor (Assistant for 2 years, then on my own for 2 so 4 total) about 10 hours a week year round 2nd in State for Kumite(sparring) in 2008. This is my main commitment during my High School Years

66 inches 160 lbs
45' (I think) BBall
10 Pullups
Max Shuttle
Max Crunches
50 pushups
7:05 Mile

DODMERB (Have I thanked you yet Mr. Larry Mullens?) Exams finished, just waiting for them to receive everything

Just basically wondering what are my odds? Thanks guys!
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Are you fluent in Mandarin? Include that on your app, and any other dialects.
About the same as everyone else with a similar resume. :thumb:
Zaphod, no wonder you are known as a "Super Moderator"! I was about to dust the 8 ball off to help the lad with his question. But, I see you already answered it.

Your bio looks competitive. Some things I noted:

Great ACT scores - One of the few areas where the admissions board can compare candidates straight-up.
Excellent academics - The board looks favorably on, and you will be served well if appointed, by challenging yourself academically.
Little leadership - If appointed you will be called to lead your peers, maybe even into battle.
Lack of ECAs - Most other candidates will have three or four solid activities that they have participated in for four years and one or two where they now lead (see above).
No varsity athletics - Offset somewhat by your excellent karate, this points to teamwork, leadership and physical fitness.
CFA is okay - Two categories maxed...but the rest are average or below.

The great unknown is how competitive your district is. Have confidence in yourself, and look forward to hearing good news.

BGO, USNA 2007 Dad, CDR USN (ret)
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You did not mention if you had a MOC nom, because without that all other is moot.
Actually I think they might have 2.

They did say they have a nom from an MOC, and is also a dep of a USMC member, which may make them eligible for a Pres.
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The 1st question I would ask did you get a letter fo Assurance from the Naval Academy? I ask this because I recived mine yesterday date 1/9/09.
My stats are very similar to yours except that:
My GPA is a little higher 3.72
My SAT and ACT compsite scores are 2090 and 33 are close to yours but I took them both twice and scored higher or the same
I am taking 4 AP classes this school year and I am at a private prep school
(there is the private verses public debate - I know my school is "very" tuff academically)
12 years of traditional Japanaese karate and I am currently a 1st degree black belt - 3 to4 times a week last 12 years
4 years vasity swimming and 7 years club swimming - 5 days per week the last 7 years
your CFA was a liite better than mine
I took my PFA at the same time of my CFA for ROTC
and of course there is volunteer stuff and awards I do have.

I do know they are going to a rolling enrollment because I received letters of Assurance from both Air Force and Navy.

Don't let your hopes down because if they want you they will let you know soon :) but if they don't you can still go to a college for a year via NROTC or not and re-apply and your chances should better if you keep up the hard work. I know someone who did vis NROTC for year at Oregon State and cot accepted to the academy the next year. He is now a Captain in the USMC, as a Harrier pilot.

Also I hope you went as a back up as I did for Navy ROTC and some other branches becuase "you are a shoe in" for those, no joke! They give out a hunk of change up to $200K.

Best of luck,


FYI to chn3141 excuse me


excuse my type-o's and it should read:

I know someone who did "via" NROTC for "a" year at Oregon State and "got" accepted to the academy the next year but he did have to start from scratch like a freshman.

I was rambling on but I hope I was helpful.



FYI to chn3141 excuse me once AGAIN

My type-o's are out of control…sorry, but it is the gist of what I am saying.
And I do mean it in the most positive way because you still have many chances and paths to take to get where you want to be. It is never the end but always the choices that one makes in life right or wrong.

I want first off to begin by thanking everyone who posted, puts some fears at ease....

Kaullman, Thanks for that, it really helps show me where I'm at semi-officially. I've always feared my ECA's, but I'm not sure how bad it will hurt...jeez now I'm nervous...hmm Leadership I wasn't too sure either, but for both ECA and Leadership being a Karate Instructor (Shotokan) takes a good hunk of time year round along with volunteering and Academics. Do you think the Academy will take that into consideration? Or is it now just :bang::bang::bang::bang::eek3::bang::bang:

MFK2013, Thanks to you too, you give me an example of what I can compare myself to on who got in for 2013. No I didn't get a Letter of Assurance...yet...still hopeful...maybe... Anyway, your ECA's and standarized testing seem way better than mine so I'm getting a little anxious. Thanks for the advice though and your typos just show an urgency to help.