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    My high school gives rising seniors a big college packet to complete over the summer. One of the parts is to find an essay question for one of your top college choices and write the essay. I am not applying to USAFA this year but rather next year because of age so I dont know what the essay questions are. It doesnt really matter if they will be different next year, I am just looking for an example of what the essays were this year or in any past year. :thumb: Thank you!
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    The first was when you first became interested in the Academy. What sparked your interest, etc.

    Not sure what the second one was, because we got to choose out of the first two.

    Can't quite remember the last one. Think it was something about a goal or obstacle you reached or overcame. Somebody who's not finished with that part of the application could probably tell you better. I'm sure its on another thread somewhere, too.
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    My favorite question, which was not the AFA's, but his MOC's was if you could meet anyone dead or alive associated with the military and ask only 1 question, who would it be, what would be and why did you choose it?

    This is a tried and true question for many colleges too, just using any person at all, and as simple as it may seem it will separate you apart from others, and show a unique side of what inspires you.

    DS said Truman and after dropping the bomb the 1st time. knowing the damage and amount of innocent lives lossed, how did he come to terms for him personally, to do it again?

    ~~~ Granted everyone knows it also saved lives from ending a prolong war, but Truman was still a man, he was a husband, a son, a father. One of the hardest things for any military member is to coming to terms of the taking of innocent lives.

    Some will answer the generic of somebody famous or infamous and a traditional thought that has been discussed many times over, thus their essay will be generic. So you see it may actually take you longer to find the right person and question that illustrates your personal perspective/curiosity than it will take to write the essay. It took DS only about 5 minutes for him to figure out the topic because he has always been a WWII fanatic, and it was probably the easiest to write since he was genuinely interested in the subject.

    The AFA always asks about what/when made you interested in attending the AFA. Personally, I feel bad for the board because honestly I bet they get tons of:

    When I was 6 I went to my 1st airshow and saw the Thunderbirds perform... or I visited WP/USNA/AFA when I was young and was in awe... or my parent is in the AF, and from a young age I knew... or on Discovery Channel I saw the series of the SAs and...

    It is hard to be unique in answering that particular question. Imagine being them and reading over and over and over again some variation of what I just wrote. 10 will get me 20, at least a few of you wrote something along those lines...or the final one, I have always wanted to be in the military since I was 6 playing with model airplanes and the AFA is the best to get a high quality military education.
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