What are some good questions to ask my ALO?


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May 27, 2017
Hi guys, I just found this forum recently and created an account. All of the threads have been incredibly informative and helpful! I just completed my pre-candidate questionnaire and plan to email my ALO on Monday to introduce myself and maybe ask some questions. I was wondering if anyone had examples of good questions to ask my ALO. I don't want to ask questions that can easily be searched online. Would asking how competitive my congressional district is be a good question? I know that really won't help me and I need to just put my best effort into my application and hope for the best, but I am curious...
Ask questions that YOU want to know the answer to. What good is asking questions you don't care about. If you don't have any questions, then that's fine too. You and your alo will be in contact a number of times.

As far as questions like "how competitive" such and such is, those questions are irrelevant. Unless you're planning on moving to a new district soon, it doesn't matter if it's competitive or not. It is what is is, and you can't change it.

All you can do is the best that you can do. Best grades, best test scores, best leadership skills you can do, etc. You have no say so on what the other applicants do on their application. Just do the best YOU can do.

Hope you don't take my replies as brass. If you look through this forum enough, you'll find I am the BLUNT ONE. I don't sugar coat. Anyone applying to the academy, I RESPECT as an adult. And I will treat you as an adult. Whether you're 15, 16, 17, or 18+.

So don't ask what the average scores are, or minimum requirements, or anything similar. Your mission; if you accept it; is to AIM for a 4.0 gpa on all remaining classes. To get a 36 on ALL ACT tests. To get an 800 on every SAT test. To work your way up in leadership positions in EVERY activity you're involved in; whether sports, band, student government, Spanish club, or anything else.

Do this, and whether or not you receive an appointment, you'll be able to live with yourself knowing you did your best. And it will also prepare you for any college or work endeavors you encounter.

Best of luck. Mike
My DS when he went through the process reached out to let the ALO know of his interest in USAFA. He asked about timelines and milestones during the process. He asked his advice on taking AP courses or the IB program. He also attached his resume to the email and let the ALO know he was open to any advice that might improve his resume prior to the application process.

He got the expected response which was you are tracking well, keep making good grades while challenging yourself by taking a strenuous curriculum. He suggested taking as many AP STEM courses as possible. He told him to take the ACT/SAT as many times as needed to maximize his potential score, and to build his leadership prior to applying. He also asked him to reach out each year so they could review his progress. I don't think all ALO's take this action, but in a recent conversation with our ALO he said he liked it because it gave him a chance to really know the candidate prior to the interview.