what are some things i could do to help prepare


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Apr 21, 2008
right now im a sophomore taking an honors and an AP class
next year is one honors and three or four AP classes
with one honors and possibly four AP classes senior year
i am going to a national student leadership conference for intelligence and national security
i went to mexico to help work on houses for a week twice
i play basketball and football
will most likely make varsity in both
next year ill probably be class president (its only slightly doubtful because although i was already elected, i just got suspended for mooning a friend which i guess is a big deal now in california)
4.0 total GPA with a 4.1 UC GPA
the only test i took was the ASVAB
i got a 95 on the military entrance score but i dont know what exactly that means
i also coach and ref basketball for younger kids in a rec league
what other things could i do that would help me get in?
Take the SAT test, again and again until you are satisfied that your score is the highest you are capable of getting.

USNA only takes the highest score you ever achieved for the verbal and math part, right? I mean if you got a 610m,690v one time and then the next time you got a 690m, 610v, would they would use 690m, 690v?
Yes, USNA takes the highest verbal and the highest math SATs or ACTs. Thus, for USNA purposes, there is no disadvantage (other than your time and money) of taking the tests over & over again to improve your scores.

To be competitive for USNA, most candidates score around 640/690, more or less. That is NOT to say that people don't get accepted with lower scores nor that these scores are a guarantee of an appointment. USNA publishes the stats for the most recent plebe class; get a copy and you'll see what the typical plebe did in terms of scores, activities, etc.

In terms of what to do to prepare, it's no mystery. There are 3 main parts of your admission packet: academics, athletics, and leadership.

For academics, you want to take the most advanced courses you can handle, especially in math, science, and English. APs are good. Try to get As and Bs in those courses. SAT/ACT was discussed above.

For athletics, there are two parts: the CFA and your sports. You can see what the CFA requires and start "practicing" now. However, folks who are athletic typically (there are exceptions) do fine on the CFA. If you're going to work on any particular parts, focus on pull-ups and the run. In terms of your sports, USNA likes team sports. Being varsity is a plus as is being team captain, winning awards, etc. If you do an individual sport, try to quantify your talents (i.e., did you win a state or regional competition; are you locally ranked, etc.).

In terms of leadership, it is better to stick with one or two activities and really get involved in those than trying to do a dozen. Being a student leader is good, but school politics isn't for everyone. I was editor of my school newspaper. You can be president of a club. You can be an Eagle Scout. I suggest that you focus your efforts on a couple of activities that interest you rather than simply trying to make your "resume" look good.

You can also demonstrate leadership outside of school, such as by taking on a civic project. The key is that you are leading (rather than merely participating). Going on a missions trip or home-building trip is great, but be prepared to explain what you did to make the trip possible, to make it more effective, to motivate others in your group, etc.

Good luck!
You appear to have an excellent background and could be an excellent candidate.

If you have not already done so I would talk to your parents and find out how they feel about the military as a possible career choice. The entire application process is much easier if your parents support your decisions.

Next I would find out who the blue and gold officer ( Navy), Liaison Officer ( Air Force), and Army equivalents are in your area. They would be your sources of information on the academies. They would be able to provide information and let you know if there are local events that you and your parents would find worth while attending.

Next I would start planning on visiting at least one academy the start of your junior year. The AF academy is the closest to CA and if your parents have the resources and time it would be an excellent experience. If you can afford the time of course USNA is a must visit but the logistics are more involved from CA. The most important part of the visits is to help you answer the question is this really for me? Only you can answer this but it is a key question in the process.

If you still feel positive about pursuing a military career then in January/February of your junior year apply to all three academies summer seminar programs for high school juniors. Again it's a chance for you to evaluate the future life you are contemplating.
thanks for all the info
i am going to try to sign up for the SAT, ACT, and the subject test for world history
If you still feel positive about pursuing a military career then in January/February of your junior year apply to all three academies summer seminar programs for high school juniors.


All four.

god i'm glad i don't have to compete with you!
nice record, keep it up, don't fall into the slacker pothead trap or anything extreme, and i think you will be quite competitive. good luck!