What can I improve on the most?

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    Hello! I am trying to improve my stats for this upcoming senior year, what would the best thing to focus on be? I have listed everything I have so far, what should I concentrate on? (Some things may be a bit out of order). Thanks!

    Honors/ AP Courses:
    -AP biology
    -Hon Earth Science
    -Hon Geometry
    -Hon Algebra 2
    -Hon Chemistry
    -AP Statistics
    -AP computer Programming
    -AP Chemistry
    -AP Psychology
    -AP European History
    -AP Calculus
    -AP Language and Composition
    -Hon Physics

    - Academic Letter (4)
    - Cross Country academic pin recipient
    - Track academic pin recipient
    - ACT:30 composite- 35 English, 31 Math, 27 Reading, 27 Science, 31 Writing
    - GPA: 3.89 (unweighted)
    - Class Rank: 49/551

    2) Athletic and other Achievements
    - Varsity: Track (10, 11, 12) (Lettered)
    - Junior Varsity: Wrestling (9), Cross Country(10, 11, 12)
    - Individual: Weightlifting (7-11), Paintball (6-11), Skiing/Snowboarding(6-11)
    - Paintball team captain
    -Track Academic Pin
    -Cross Country Academic Pin
    -USAFA Summer Seminar attendee
    -USNA Summer Seminar attendee

    3) Civic Involvements
    - Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout)
    - Boy Scouts leadership: Quartermaster (2 years), Patrol Leader
    - Boys State Representative
    - Sergeant in Arms of House of Representatives
    - Founder and President of a Charity for Book Drives for hosptials
    - Paintball High School Club founder and President
    - DECA (Lettered),(9, 10, 11)
    - DECA leadership: attended 4 leadership training conventions
    - 2nd Place in districts for Sales Demo out of 250+ competitors
    - National Honor Society (11,12)
    - National Honor Society leadership: Tutoring younger kids
    - National Honor Society Blood Drive Supervisor
    - Children's Hospital volunteer (over 150 logged hours)
    - Hospital volunteer leadership: In charge of 4th floor playroom-every week (3-4 hours a week)
    -Various Volunteer work around community:
    - Feed my starving children (10+ times)
    - Fire Station Cleaning crew- Maintain fire trucks and SWAT vehicles
    - Cub Foods bagging (5+ times)
    - Politician reelection committee volunteer
    - NHS fundraising for troops volunteer
    - Boy Scouts highway cleanup crew
    - High School concession stand operator
    - Children's Hospital Emergency Preparation Crew
    - High School Cross Country set up team
    - Boy Scout July 4th representative (Past 3 years)
    - Salvation Army volunteer

    4) Work/Job Experience
    - Back waiter at Restaurant
    - Self employed landscaper and handyman
    - Independent Contractor for marketing firm

    CFA results:
    -Basketball Throw-67'
    -Pull Ups- 18 (max)
    -Shuttle Run- 8.8
    -Pushups- 75 (max)
    -Situps-95 (max)
    -Mile run- 5:40 (hopefully will get to 5:20 soon)
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    I don't mean to sound rude. But you asked the simplest question ever asked. What can you improve on. Well, that depends on what tour goal is. If your goal is to just get by or do just enough to get into the academy, then I can't really give any advice. For the person who strives to do their best, then you've already answered your own question. All classes, strive for a 4.0. CFA. MAX all the scores. Athletics, be the best.

    If you're saying its not possible to ace all of this because of time or resources, then only you can decide what to concentrate on. The academy wants the best well rounded people. Do your best. If you do your best at whatever you do, then there is nothing else you can do. And whether you get an appointment or not, you will be comforted to know that you gave it all you cold. Best of luck to you.
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    You have a pretty full plate. I'd dial back your extra commitments (my son had about 1/5th of your civic involvements). I'd also dial back any working hours. I viewed my sons "job" to be well rounded. But most importantly, his "job" was to do his very best in school and stretch himself academically.

    I'd also try and inch up my science and reading scores on the ACT by taking some ACT prep class program. My son used Kaplin and we were delighted. I'd see what they have this summer. Don't forget to buy the ACT tests when they are available (it's an option when you sign-up on-line). But definitely take the ACT as many times that you can.

    If someone is as involved as you are (work, atheletics, and civic involvements) academics has to suffer some because there are only so many hours in the day. Taking ACT prep classes and mastering the sections that you got wrong consumes a lot of bandwidth. IMHO, that's where you want to focus. :)

    Best of luck!
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    You have received some excellent feedback:smile:

    The only other thing I might suggest is to consider taking the SAT if you have only taken the ACT. I'm not implying that your scores are bad by any stretch of the imagination! I just know that some students will do better on one test over the other and it is just something to think about.

    Best of luck:thumb:
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    I assume you are already in contact with a USAFA Liaison Officer, He/she would have the latest stats on the last incoming class, and could tell you where your weakness are.

    Off the top of my head, I would say improving the Math and Reading ACT scores will help, also getting some strong SAT scores will help. Most colleges use them for judging applications. USAFA will accept all your scores, and will use the highest individual scores from all your testing in your ranking...so you could concentrate more on one subject than the others your next time.

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