What do I need to be good?


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Oct 12, 2008
Hello, I have completed my application to USNA and have sent in my Senator. I don’t not know whether I have been selected for a interview. I am going to send in my Congressman Nomination this or next week. I have also been invited to go to USNA in November. I am also going to Marion Military Institute Pre-Service Academy Program.
I have a Act Math score of 32, a English score of 27, and a Reading score of 22(I am not sure which one is verbal). I had a 720 on my Math on SAT and a 450 on the Critical Reading on the SAT.
Are these good scores? and if not what scores should I be looking for. Also should I drive to my Senator's office to plead for a nomination?

Thank you
The ACT English score is the "verbal" one so it's good you have that higher than reading. My ALO for the AFA told me that you needed an ACT math score of at least 29, so you're good there. Basically, everyone is "selected" for an interview and everyone gets invited to visit the NA. The nominations are given out competitively, so driving to the office and pleading won't help, just get all the paperwork they want you to complete in on time.
Hello, I have completed my application to USNA and have sent in my Senator. I don’t not know whether I have been selected for a interview.
...Basically, everyone is "selected" for an interview

Not in all states!

Some Senators receive so many nomination applications it is physically impossible to interview every candidate, and only a small group is invited to interview.

Those not invited to interview are not considered for nomination by the Senator.

There is a lot more to consider than board scores.

They are part of the story. Leadership, varsity sports, activities, grades etc. are all very important.
Members of Congress (MOC) have great latitude in how they select their nominees. Most use nominating committees made up of volunteers from their state/district who review the applications and/or conduct interviews. These individuals typically have some tie to one or more of the SAs (i.e., grad, parent). However, the tie may not necessarily be to the school for which they are interviewing (which is one of many reasons that you should never talk negatively about any SA).

Some MOCs may base their nom decisions solely on paperwork (i.e., don't conduct interviews). Most have their nom committees interview at least some of the candidates and some MOCs interview all candidates who submit applications. Most of these interviews occur in November or early December and most candidates are informed about whether they got a nom before Christmas. (Note: the above are generalizations; there are undoubtedly numerous exceptions).

As a general rule, you do NOT need to know your MOC. In fact, one of the reasons MOCs use nom committees is to avoid charges of nepotism. Also, do not worry if your MOC won't be around come Inauguration Day (either due to voluntarily leaving office or being defeated on Election Day); the MOC currently in office is the one who will make the noms for this year.

As to your question, driving to your Senator's office isn't likely to help. You can always call to inquire about your status (many MOCs have someone who coordinates their nom program); however, I wouldn't do so until the application deadline has passed for that MOC and would not do it so often as to become a pest.

Finally, don't be afraid to update your nom packet if something important changes -- i.e., new SAT/ACT scores, being elected team captain, receiving an LOA, etc. You should generally do this by mail, unless the MOC has dictated some other way of providing updates.
Your math scores on your ACT and SAT are pretty good. You should try to take them both again if possible and raise your Reading score. I would say you want at least a 600 for the reading score on the SAT and a 27 on the ACT.