What DODMERB info to bring to Indoc


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Apr 24, 2007
My son is fully qualified by DODMERB and required no waivers. During review process a few remedials were addressed; should you send your candidate to indoc w all related paperwork sent to/received from DODMERB in the event during the physical these issues come up again? Or, by doing so are you just providing paperwork in his posession that will serve to highlight these issues?
All the DoDMERB paperwork that the plebe/cadet needs will be provided by DoDMERB. Unless the academy requested something additional, there is no need to bring anything with you. This includes those applicants who received waivers.
i had a similar question, mine might be a special case. i had to have a tympanoplasty to fix a ruptured eardrum. im cleared medically, but my ENT said that because he used cartilage in the graft my eardrum looks a little weird. He said that most doctors would think i have a problem even though i dont. should i bring a letter from him just in case this is in issue?
All the medical information that was submitted to DoDMERB will be part of your new military medical record. There is no need to bring any additional medical information that was not requested by the academy.