What does this mean?


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Jun 27, 2006
My son received his DODMERB results in July that showed him as:

USMA - qualified
USAFA - Commission qualified

The next page contained a page of notes. #9 on this page read in part... "You are qualified for the USNA, however if your vision..." You know the rest.

Since my son wears glasses this was expected.

Last week my son received another document from DODMERB that now shows his status as:

USMA - Qualified
USNA - Qualified <--- this is new
USAFA - Commission qualified

We were not expecting this change and view it as a positive especially considering the USNA is his first choice of SAs.

Q:Is this a normal occurence?


What happened was the Naval Academy just put your son into the DoDMERB system for review. USNA waits until they have at least 50% of the admissions package complete before giving the applicants info to DoDMERB. So he is now medically qualified for DoDMERB. Since his status is "qualified" and not "waiverable" his uncorrected distant visual acuity isn't bad enough to warrant the need for an administrative wavier for vision. So congratulations to your son, and lets hope the admissions process ends with an offer! :thumb: