What does your average Midshipmen do after graduation?

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    So you have the 5 year active duty commitment, obviously. Then is there a reserves commitment after that or are you done?

    Do most graduates make a career out of the Navy, or do they leave for the civilian world once their commitment is done? If they leave, what types of jobs do they usually seek?

    Also, during that 5 years, what does it typically look like? How many deployments and what do you do in between the deployments?

    Thanks in advance for all of your help! Go Navy!
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    Your first 5 yrs depends largely on your service selection. For MOST grads, it goes something like this (at least it USED TO:wink:):

    1-2 years of schools (i.e., surface warfare school, nuke power school, BUDS/SEAL training, flight training).

    2-3 year sea tour aboard a ship or sub. I would say there is an average of 2 full deployments of about 6 months each in that time; that too can vary. In between, you're actually at sea a lot doing workups, exercises, etc.

    2-3 year shore tour.

    Your 5 years typically expires during your first shore tour. Obviously, the above is for USN; for USMC, there is 6 months of TBS plus additional schools. Then I believe they do a tour assigned to a deployed/deployable unit and then to shore. All of the above is VERY generic; the schedule can vary quite a bit depending on the warfare community you choose, how quickly you can start school, how many schools your command wants you to attend, etc.

    The final 3 yrs of your service obligation are typically served in an inactive reserve status (non-drilling) unless you ask to transition to the active reserves. Of course, officers always serve "at the pleasure of the President" so (unlike Enlisted), you must request to leave AD. Almost always, the request is granted.

    Pilots have a different situation as their service commitment doesn't begin until they pin on their wings and they have a longer commitment.

    Not sure of the percentages who get out and when. Certainly a fair number are marking their calendars for the 5-yr date. Others will finish up their shore tours or see what is offered for their next sea tour, see if they screen for department head, see if they screen for PG school, etc.

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