What else can I improve on?


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Jun 14, 2022
To start off, I just finished my freshman year of high school so there won’t be many significant things but I’m hoping to build on them through sophomore-senior year

Classes: I go to an early college meaning that I don’t get much choice in my classes until junior year when I’m solely taking college classes and some of the classes are only at an academic level, making my GPA lower than I’d like

- Earth/Enviro Science Honors
-Special Interest Seminar
- World History Honors
-Spanish 2

- English 1 honors
- Principles of Human Inheritance Honors
-Health Science Honors (received 2 college credits for this class)
- Math 3 Honors
Overall, my GPA was a 4.37 weighted

-Red Cross (became BLS certified and volunteered at fair for 15+ hours)
Ran for Red Cross campus representative and won, will be filling that role in my sophomore year
-HOSA rlc/slc participant in Dental Science; placed 2nd regionally and 5th statewide
-Current summer job as frontline service member/cashier (primary contact with customers

Things I’m improving
-joining cross country Sophomore year
-Running for higher position in Red Cross as a sophomore
-Joining NHS
-2 college classes which will bring GPA to about 4.8 weighted

I just don’t feel like there’s anything that makes me stand out as an applicant. I have very good grades, a leadership position, and am a fairly athletic person (play tennis casually + gym) which will be amplified through cross country, but there’s nothing different or noticeable.