1. F

    Help for USNA Personal Statement

    Hello all, I am currently applying for the USNA. In the application, there is an essay requirement. I am just here to receive feedback and see what I can do better. This is a rough draft, and I expect to change some things in the future. (1) Describe what led to your initial interest in the...
  2. T

    USAFA Application

    I feel like I am repeating a lot of what I said from the Extracurricular section in the Resume section. Does anyone else feel this way? They seem to be basically asking the same thing.
  3. T

    CFA Submission

    Edit: .
  4. 6

    Will a conditional release from NG to Active affect my class of 2026 application?

    Good morning! For some context: all of my COC references and commander nomination are from my guard unit. My COC has no issue releasing me into active duty, but we were wondering if this would cause any conflict in my application. From my understanding West Point pulls from different candidate...
  5. J

    Where do I stand in admission?

    Hey everyone, As deadlines start to roll in, I wanted to see if I could answer a question that has always been in the back of my mind: how good is my application to the USNA and other service academies? Is there anyone I can contact or ask to look through my resume with me? I would assume this...
  6. Astromatter

    Quick Question About ECs on the SLE Application

    I was filling out my SLE application for 2021 when I saw Boys State listed on the checklist for extracurriculars. I am yet to have participated in Boys State, but I was selected to attend the next session. Would I check it off?
  7. B

    How do I submit my application?

    I finished all of the required documents and filled out all the information that is needed for the application, but whenever I try to press submit nothing happens. The status says App on FIle so does that mean that I am all set or is there a screen that says "Application Submitted" or something...
  8. S

    College before applying

    I am currently an applicant for the class of 2025. I knew my ACT score was low the super score I think is a 26 or 27. I have 30’s in science and reading. But I think 23’s in math and language. Because of this I decided to go to college before I applied this year.I took college algebra and a 200...
  9. S

    Multiple MOC’s nominations

    I am currently finishing my application to USAFA and was interested on how multiple nominations affects you’re application process. I currently have both my senator nominations and my congresswomen nomination. Any advice (or assistance) would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  10. E

    Application Strength

    Hi, I have finished everything on my application (pending DODMERB and Nomination). This is my resume: Academics: 1) 12 AP classes total 2) Senior schedule: AP Research, AP Statistics, Finance IV (honors), AP Computer Science, AP Literature, Band (honors), AP Gov, AP Macroeconomics, Spanish III...
  11. B

    CFA File Confusion

    Hello all, Four months ago, I took my CFA and everything went great and I did really well on it. I also paid strict attention to form, and filmed the videos exactly how I was supposed to. Once it was submitted, it was soon marked "Completed" in my file. Flash forward to now, mid december, and...
  12. E

    How Competitive am I?

    Hi everyone I know this is kind of late to ask as a senior right about now, but I guess it's better done late than never. I have a nomination interview tomorrow and so I decided to look through the forums a a bit today and after seeing some other peoples posts, I've come to the realization that...
  13. E

    It Was a Good Run

    Unfortunately, I have not received a nomination from my Congresswoman. Although I was selected as an alternate and I still have yet to hear back from my Senator, it is unlikely that I will receive a nomination. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who gave me feedback and advice...
  14. APCalc

    Is there any indication on how much a CFA is weighted?

    👋 Hi Service Academy Forum, I'm a prospective midn. in CA with a bad -- almost horrid -- CFA. Like, my scores are barely passing anecdotal minimums I've seen for pullups, crunches, pushups, and the 1MR. However, I feel like I have an okay application to balance it: - 1590 SAT and 4.0 - founder...
  15. T

    Congressional Appointments & CFA Deadline

    I only recently found out about USAFA halfway through my first college semester, but I already know this is where I have to go. I have a lot of work to do so I can perform well on the CFA, and I know that congressional appointment deadlines are approaching. My questions are if I should wait...
  16. US2021

    Candidate activities record

    States “describe all leadership positions you have held”. The other sections state exactly to explain actions. Does this mean that the leadership section still wants us to describe actions?
  17. FØB Zero

    Trouble with LOR/app portal

    I put down and saved all my recommenders and evaluators, yet they say that they have not received any emails from USNA. I tried deleting them and re-entering them with no luck. (The app says once I press ‘save’ it will automatically send them an email). I tried emailing USNA with no response...
  18. CB2515

    Family Gross Income Question (USAFA Form 146)

    I've been filling out the Personal Data Record and I came across the family income question. I live with one parent since both are divorced. Would the income be the custodial's parents income or both parents combined? Thanks!
  19. W

    Will AFROTC allow me to double-major in one etechnical and one non-techincal major?

    Hey Everyone, I want to study economics (a non-technical major); however, I have been informed at only about 10% of scholarship students are allowed to study non-technical non-foreign language majors. One suggestion I received was to study Applied Math instead of Economics because they are very...
  20. E

    Varsity Letter

    Let me explain my situation: I am a rising senior and will be involved in track next year. Since track season is AFTER the West Point application deadline, I will not be able to include the varsity letter I get next year in this year’s application. Is it even worth doing track if I can’t put it...