1. O

    Virtual Informational Seminar - OH-12

    The office of Congressman Troy Balderson (OH-12) will host a virtual informational night regarding the service academy application process. We are offering the presentation on October 13th from 6-8p.m. Registration is required. Interested participants should email
  2. F

    What else can I improve on?

    To start off, I just finished my freshman year of high school so there won’t be many significant things but I’m hoping to build on them through sophomore-senior year Classes: I go to an early college meaning that I don’t get much choice in my classes until junior year when I’m solely taking...
  3. P

    Is there anything I can do to improve my chances or strengthen my application?

    Here are my current stats: Not taken SAT yet – taking it on the 7th of May tho PSAT: 1370; perfect English score GPA: unknown yet (my school updates it in June); estimated to be around 3.9 unweighted Class rank: unknown yet for junior year, but as an underclassman, I was 19th/200. Since I've...
  4. A

    Trouble accessing the 2027 application

    My son is trying to start his application since it opened May 1st. Once on the admissions page he clicks on the “apply class 2027” and that link gives him an error message about not being able to connect to the server. He has tried several browsers and computers and same error.. anyone else...
  5. nicksand18

    Application Question

    Hey everyone. I just completed my pre-candidate questionnaire and was assigned a mentor ALO. What is a mentor ALO, and what should I include in my first email to them? Thanks!
  6. GWU PNS


    For our NROTC nation of potential selectees (and parents), Please see the attached pdf file for the latest and greatest information for the NROTC application process. The season has just started. In the interest of getting a bit of a jump on the various questions that will inevitably arise...
  7. LoonWatch2027

    Portal Login

    I applied for the Summer Seminar and didn't fill out a prelim according to the site's instructions. Will we be assigned a username and password for the portal login eventually? Also, when do we get accepted as official candidates? Air Force has already accepted candidates as "official"...
  8. Newport122

    Start to Finish Application Timing

    My daughter will be applying for the NROTC scholarship when it opens in April. 1. Realistically, how long does the entire application process take? 2. I was told we will be assigned a point of contact or someone to work with us through the application, when does this happen? 3. How much...
  9. Giantatom

    Advice For High School?

    I'm a Junior in high school right now, and I'll be starting my pre-candidate questionnaire when it opens in March. I'm looking for advice on anything I can do in my last year and a half of high school. Currently, I have a pretty good GPA at 3.95 unweighted/4.86 weighted with the most rigorous...
  10. B

    College Transcript Submission

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provide insight on submitting college transcripts for the USNA application. When I go to order it, I get an error saying “USPS was unable to find the address you entered as deliverable. Addresses on a university or college campus are controlled by the...
  11. A

    Upcoming AFROTC High School Scholarship Webinar

    Hi! I am one of the current Gold Bar Recruiters for Air Force ROTC. Next Tuesday, at 6:00 PM eastern, I will be teaming up with the U.S. Air Force Academy and other Air Force and Space Force programs to host a webinar on scholarship and career opportunities available in the US Air Force and...
  12. F

    Help for USNA Personal Statement

    Hello all, I am currently applying for the USNA. In the application, there is an essay requirement. I am just here to receive feedback and see what I can do better. This is a rough draft, and I expect to change some things in the future. (1) Describe what led to your initial interest in the...
  13. T

    USAFA Application

    I feel like I am repeating a lot of what I said from the Extracurricular section in the Resume section. Does anyone else feel this way? They seem to be basically asking the same thing.
  14. T

    CFA Submission

    Edit: .
  15. 6

    Will a conditional release from NG to Active affect my class of 2026 application?

    Good morning! For some context: all of my COC references and commander nomination are from my guard unit. My COC has no issue releasing me into active duty, but we were wondering if this would cause any conflict in my application. From my understanding West Point pulls from different candidate...
  16. J

    Where do I stand in admission?

    Hey everyone, As deadlines start to roll in, I wanted to see if I could answer a question that has always been in the back of my mind: how good is my application to the USNA and other service academies? Is there anyone I can contact or ask to look through my resume with me? I would assume this...
  17. Astromatter

    Quick Question About ECs on the SLE Application

    I was filling out my SLE application for 2021 when I saw Boys State listed on the checklist for extracurriculars. I am yet to have participated in Boys State, but I was selected to attend the next session. Would I check it off?
  18. B

    How do I submit my application?

    I finished all of the required documents and filled out all the information that is needed for the application, but whenever I try to press submit nothing happens. The status says App on FIle so does that mean that I am all set or is there a screen that says "Application Submitted" or something...
  19. S

    College before applying

    I am currently an applicant for the class of 2025. I knew my ACT score was low the super score I think is a 26 or 27. I have 30’s in science and reading. But I think 23’s in math and language. Because of this I decided to go to college before I applied this year.I took college algebra and a 200...
  20. S

    Multiple MOC’s nominations

    I am currently finishing my application to USAFA and was interested on how multiple nominations affects you’re application process. I currently have both my senator nominations and my congresswomen nomination. Any advice (or assistance) would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.