What happens after BOLC?


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Jun 30, 2011
Hi, I learned DS will report to his Army AG BOLC Training on Jan. 08, 2017. After he completes the training what happens next? For example when will he find out where his permanent duty assignment will be? After he completes the BOLC Training will he have some time off or will he immediately respond to his next post? Also during this time DS is at BOLC will he have any free time like in the evenings or weekends? Just curious? Thanks.
Every BOLC is a bit different, and timelines may have changed a bit, but my DS found out his first duty station in about April of his senior year. He graduated in early May, and originally had a BOLC date of 5/17, but got mono so pushed it back to early July.

While at BOLC, his evenings and weekends were free, unless he had homework or was in the field.
He graduated BOLC in mid November, did Ranger school from January to March, Airborne School in April, and reported to his unit in late May. During the downtime between courses, he mostly just showed up for formation, did PT, and staff duty every now and then.

Despite the intensity of the courses themselves, he counts it as a very relaxed and enjoyable year, with much more free time than he has now as an Infantry platoon leader.
Basic Officer Leadership Course.

After commissioning into your specific branch, you attend this course to learn how to be an officer in that branch. Each branch is different and length of course vary.
IBOLC = Infantry
EBOLC = Engineering