1. B

    Post Commissioning awaiting BOLC questions

    What are newly commissioned 2LTs opportunities while waiting for BOLC dates? We are aware of Gold Bar Recruiter and Cadet Summer Camp Cadre positions. Are there any other official options through Cadet Command for internships or training? Know most recents graduates move home and work a temp...
  2. Sayac

    BOLC with husband and two

    Hello! My husband is going to BOLC this January, and our two young kids and I are planning on going with him. I know it's rare, but I've talked to a good number of others who have done it. Most of those I've talked to were there for more than 6 months and ended up in normal housing, but we will...
  3. J

    AROTC Reserve Component

    I have a questions about commissioning Reserve component, after ROTC. After being accepted by a Reserve or Guard unit, during the time between, ROTC commissioning, and Basic Officers Leadership Course, does the newly commissioned Lieutenant train with their unit, to include the 14 or 15 day...
  4. T

    ABOLC for Nationl Guard Members

    Hello I am Commissioning in May 2018, and will be going to an ABCT (Armor Brigade Combat Team) in NC. I will be a PL for 1-120 infantry Regiment. I was curious about how housing is done for National Guard 2LTs. According to Fort Benning ABOLC website, Armor BOLC is a 6 month PCS. With that being...
  5. bfrat93

    Post BOLC 2LT, open to provide information and advice.

    Hello, everyone. It has been a very long time since I posted on the forums here; I think it's been upward to four years. Just to give some background information: I was a high school four-year scholarship recipient at Penn State AROTC; performed strong academically and was heavily involved as...
  6. C

    What happens after BOLC?

    Hi, I learned DS will report to his Army AG BOLC Training on Jan. 08, 2017. After he completes the training what happens next? For example when will he find out where his permanent duty assignment will be? After he completes the BOLC Training will he have some time off or will he immediately...
  7. C

    AG BOLC Question

    Can anyone tell me what it will be like for my son at AG-BOLC at Ft. Jackson? ie, rooms, what a basic day is like, free time/days off, anything that comes to mind. Thanks.
  8. C

    BOLC Question

    Hi, these questions are from me-not my son. Many times I ask a question and folks say I am surprised your son does not know this. However, I am the one asking. I just figure I will try and educate myself the best I can without bothering him with lots of questions. Here is my question: My son...
  9. W

    Spouse at BOLC

    Hey all! My husband is going to BOLC in January, and I am going with him. (I know there are differing opinions whether spouses should go to BOLC or not, and for my husband and me, we've decided it will be best for me to come.) We will be there on a TDY basis. As it gets closer, I'm getting...