What happens if one finishes ROTC requirements prior to commissioning as an officer?

Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by gridironkid, Jul 4, 2014.

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    I am in a dilemma at this point because I am contemplating on switching my major--I have only gone up to MS II (will be transferring to Va.Tech this fall btw) and do not know how much work I may have to fulfill to graduate with my degree. I am registered as a biology major and am thinking about switching to econ. I have only taken the basic courses for bio and feel like there won't be a problem switching because both majors are in the school of science at Tech.

    (Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geo-sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Statistics)

    I am worried that if I do finish the ROTC courses prior to completing my degree requirements, my contracting with the Army will be completely off
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    First your going to have to make sure the major your switching to is in the same ADM as your current major, if you are going to a lower ADM it could be an issue and will need brigade approval if you are on a scholarship.

    You will need to talk to the cadre at Va Tech to see how switching majors will work. You will need to complete another 104R, if you can't graduate in the 4 year timeframe your probably going to need brigade approval.

    Your going to want to be proactive and get in front of this before you transfer.

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