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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by KNP, Nov 22, 2010.

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    You take the 4 ye scholarship and you get appointed? Is it kosher?

    You take 4yr but don't get accepted? Will they consider you for another school that you did get accepted?

    You take the scholarship but decided ROTC really isn't for you. Is there a penalty?

    A lot to think about by Dec 19.
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    When you say appointed, do you mean to an Academy.

    There is a way to transfer your scholarship to a different school. That school will have to have an available slot to be able to transfer, and it is not a given that you will be able to transfer. It can be pretty risky.

    If you decide to drop ROTC make sure you do it before you start your sophomore year. If you drop before that you will have no financial or military obligation to the Army. If you drop after your sophomore year starts you will have to either pay back all the scholarship money or enlist in the Army for an min. of 2 years. And remember it is not your choice which one you do. At least you have the first year to make sure it's right for you.

    Good luck
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    On a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship, you incur no service obligation until the 1st day of your MSII (Sophmore usually) year. You have a year to test it out and see if you like it, but once you start your first day of second year and you decide ROTC is no longer right for you, you owe 2 years of service. 3 years the next year, and 4 the next. Once you graduate, like all military contracts, it is for 8 years.

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