What if I convert to Type 2 and change my mind?


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Oct 20, 2008
I was just awarded a Type 7 AFROTC scholarship. If I return the acceptance form but indicate I wish to convert it to a Type 2, would I be able to change it back to a Type 7 if the financial aid doesn't come through that would allow me to go to a higher costing school?

Also, should I contact my #1 college's detachment to see if there is a slot available for me before returning the acceptance form?
I don't know about converting and reconverting. I suggest calling Maxwell and asking them that.

As far as the det., it is not like the NROTC where the school plays a part in the scholarship acceptance. You just tell them this is my college, and they take it from there. Or at least that is how it worked for our DS.

One thing to realize that with a Type 7 you cannot pay the difference. A Type 2 you can. The tuition must be less than 9K or you qualify for IS So if you are IS you should be fine, if you are OOS or the tuition is above 9K, you will need to transfer it to a type 2
Here is the link for FAQs

Good Luck and Congrats
My #1 choice is OOS but I was told by the Detachment Commander that his school will waive OOS tuition and cap my tuition to match my Type 7 scholarship. I'm worried they may not have a slot for me and I would miss my chance to attend my #1, and maybe lose out on my scholarship altogether.

My other choices are also OOS or private with no waivers, so I would have to convert to a Type 2 to attend those. With merit scholarships I've already been given, my first year would be a struggle for my parents but we could make it work.

I will definitely give Maxwell a call.
Out of curiosity what college is willing to do that, b/c there might be kids looking for next yr and that could be appealing.

Good luck and the Maxwell people are great. You should be receiving a letter about them coming for awards night, make sure you contact your ALO if you want him/her to do it... otherwise they just send somebody.
My #1 choice is Univ. of Oklahoma (I'm planning on going into Meterology). I called that detachment today to reconfirm and that is affirmative - 4 year ROTC scholarship recipients will receive an OOS tuition waiver.
what are the differences between 'types', may I ask? I've never heard of this before.

If you go to http://www.afrotc.com, you'll see a tab for scholarships. There are different "types" of scholarships they award, with varying $ amounts and conditions.