What IS and ISN'T allowed at the academy

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    I usually write something similar each year at the beginning of classes. There are a lot of questions from parents and even some new C4C cadets on the forum about: "Is this allowed?"; "Can our cadet do this?"; "Are the cadets allowed to go/do/be/etc........"

    My advice is: If a parent is asking this question; start by asking your cadet. If s/he doesn't know the answer, they NEED to learn "On their own" how to find the answer directly from the academy. Either through their classmates; upper classmen; instructors; AOC; etc... If a cadet is asking these questions, we/I/your parent should ask a question in response. "What did your squadron, upper classmen; AOC; say when you asked them".

    Point is: It's always best to find "Academy Life" specific answers to questions, Directly from the source. (The Academy). Each year, policies/rules/procedures change. The answer by someone of how it was "Last year" might not be the same this year. Plus; it's really important that as a new cadet, you find these types of answers on your own. You're part of a TEAM now. A NEW FAMILY. Use that team/family. Best of luck in your continued growth. mike....
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    I would also like to add that every squadron and its leadership is different, which means the rules/do's & dont's for each squad are different.

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