What is the next step?

I am almost done with my USMMA application as well as my nomination applications. I did pretty well in high school (3.72 gpa and a 12 something on the SAT), and participated in many sports and activities (with leadership roles). I also received three service academy nominations last year to USNA. After not getting in I set my eyes on USMMA and have been in touch with the soccer coach about playing there. There is just one problem. My grades this semester are not good. I keep wanting to tell myself that is it is because I am just getting over mono and im still disturbed from when I took my friend to the hospital. But the truth is I need structure and discipline in my life. My question is, should I apply to Valley Forge Military Academy and College and transfer there next semester? Will the academy see that as taking upon myself to take a prep year/semester? I am it a bad spot and would appreciate any help on this topic. Thank you!


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It looks like you are a college re-applicant. When you say, "my grades this semester are not good," what do you mean and where are you taking the classes? There is a big difference between B's in university level classes such as calculus and physics and C's or D's in less challenging classes at a community college. No, you cannot "transfer in" to USMMA or any other service academy. If you are not accepted, you have to go through the application process again next year. The best way to demonstrate readiness for the academic rigor of an academy is to take classes as close as possible to what you would be taking in your first year at the academy. There is still time to get your grades up. I would recommend focusing your energy there by working harder, getting extra help from your professors, and working with a tutor. Good luck.


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Here are my two cents worth. The new leadership at USMMA will make sure that things return to the good old days of little tolerance and a lot of hardship. The school is designed to produce LEADERS who excel at everything. If you are not at the top of your game when it comes to academics, you will be chewed up and spit out quickly. Many people this last tri were set back due to poor grades. Going forward, that will not happen. Set backs will become harder to get. Take that from a parent who had a DD disenrolled after the new leadership changes. Your heart and mind must be united to make sure you make it through USMMA. If it is not there now... don't bother.