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Oct 6, 2008
Well, my daughter's application is now considered complete. The BGO submitted the interview info today. I was wondering, does anyone know how long it is taking right now for completed applications to get in front of the admissions board? After it is presented to the board, if my daughter is found scholastically qualified, will she recieve a letter stating so? All of her nomination applications are submitted. Thanks. Tera
I completed my application the 23rd of August 2008 and received my LOA dated September 2 2008. So for me it took roughly two weeks. I think that if you are not considered for an LOA at the first board you will be reviewed by a second board. This is the case for USAFA. SO bottom line... 2-4 weeks... for me at least.

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It may take longer now because there are more packets/applications in the queu than there were in August. It really is hard to predict how long it will take.
My app was complete at the end of August, (strong academics, medically qualified,CFA good, BGO interview submitted) and I still have not heard anything. I did get a CVW invite, and will be attending next week, but beyond that not a word.
Most candidates will not hear anything until winter when the nominations come out.
Getting a CVW invite is a good thing.