What paperwork do we need on I Day??

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by behrsmom, Jun 27, 2010.

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    For some reason I am wondering if I have it all together for I Day.....what do we need to bring? I know the permit to report paper....can anyone remind me? Also....so many others have said not to bring any other clothes than what you are wearing when you arrive. What is everyone else doing??

    Nervous Mom
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    I am hoping that I have it all together as well. Son and I went through it all months ago and tucked it safely into the envelope. In reviewing the contents, this is what we have:

    Social Security Card
    Athletic Eligibility Card
    Permit to Report Letter
    Immunization Questionnaire
    Chaplain Center Questionnaire

    We are also including a copy of the DODMERB Qualifying letter.
    I made a photo copy of all of the above to have on me, just in case something happens to his copies.

    He's planning to take a few pairs of socks and Under Armour in his old school backpack.

    I also have a photo copy of everything that he mailed from the original PTR packet. I will bring them along as well in case they didn't get everything or it's been misplaced. I guess he will just stow them in his back pack in case they are missing a page of something.

    How does this all sound?
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    People, if you have questions about I-Day, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE for your sake, start with the official info on usna.edu (select "I-Day Information" in the upper right corner of the page). That is the gouge straight from USNA on all sorts of things related to I-Day, including what paperwork you will need.

    This forum is great for people to provide helpful advice and opinions on many topics. But for things like what paperwork to bring to I-Day, USNA tells you directly. What anyone else -- including me -- thinks or did last year or in years past is at best irrelevant and, at worst, incorrect. Bring what USNA tells you to bring this year -- no more, no less.
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    Be sure to have your eye glass prescription if you wear glasses. We sent in son's prescription as described in PTR packet. There were no BCG's waiting for him on I day. He thought it was great that he didn't have to wear them, but he couldn't wear his own glasses either. He went through half of plebe summer without glasses. When they did an eye exam and found out he needed glasses, he was ordered to always have his BCG's as if he had done it on purpose.

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