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Nov 20, 2008
I'm a high school senior and I'm applying to the USAFA. I have a question about my classes. Right now I'm taking AP Physics. It is the most difficult class that my school has to offer and I'm considering dropping it for a few reasons. First, it is extrememly time consuming. We have homework due two or three days a week and each assignment takes about 3-4 hours. Also, on days when I don't have homework due, I usually spend at least an hour at school working on a lab. Combine this w/ year round sports and I have very little time to spend on my other classes and can't always finish all my (busy)work. I also just want to be careful not to get burnt out too soon. On the other hand, I know that SA academics are extremely demanding too. Does anyone have any advice?

Also, would the admission boards frown upon me dropping this class? I have a 3.93 GPA (USAFA scale), a 33 ACT, and I would still have multiple AP/honors classes if I dropped AP Physics.
Honestly, I would stay enrolled in AP Physics. Yes, academics at the Air Force Academy are EXTREMELY demanding. But along with an enormous academic load, you have sports, military training, and other obligations after your classes. Dropping AP Physics would make your senior year easier, but it wouldn't set you up for the demands you will face at the Academy. I have an extremely strenuous class schedule, I have sports every day after school, and I am in theater every day after practice. School work time is very limited, but it takes a lot of time management to get the job done. I feel like that has prepared me somewhat for the load I will have at the Academy, and I highly reccommend that you also keep your class to prepare you too. If it hurts your GPA, the Academy will consider the toughness of the class, so don't worry about that; as long as you give it your all. Hopefully this whole thing makes sense..
Hate to say it; but if you think you don't have enough hours in a day now; wait until you get into the academy. And taking those AP/IB classes will definitely come in handy when you're taking the same sort of class at the academy. The ONLY time I would suggest dropping a class, is if it looked like you were GUARANTEED to fail it or get a "D". I suggest toughening it out. Then, when you do that for about a month or two; multiply that and you'll sort of know how busy an academy day is.

No one here can tell you how the academy would look at it. No one here knows what you're going through in your classes. There's students at the academy who play IC sports; train 3-4 hours a day out of season and 5 hours or so in season; and they are pulling 3.75-4.0 gpa. Then there's those on the other side taking the exact same classes; on the exact same team; with the exact same schedules; and they are on ACPRO. (Academic Probation). Each person is different. Only you can decide. The only thing I can tell you is that if you think you can pull this off and maintain a good GPA, then you should stick it out. You'll be PROUD of yourself; you'll know more about yourself; and you'll test your limits. later...mike.....
Thanks for the input. Good points, as usual. I'm sure it would be best to just suck it up and tought it out, so thats most likely what I'll do.