What to bring to DoDMERB appointment?


Apr 1, 2017
Since I am an athlete, I've had my fair share of injuries. Nothing major, just a few broken bones and overuse injuries. None of these injuries affect me today and are completely resolved. I'm wondering how to present this to dodmerb?? I don't really know how to ask this question, but I'm wondering what I'll have to say and bring to make sure they know everything is cleared up and fine. Will I have to bring letters from my doctors regarding each injury saying that each one has been resolved? Also, I went to the dermatologist a while ago and got some creams for mild acne. Will I have to list the creams I used? Or get a letter from them saying I stopped using the creams? I stopped using them not long after I got them. Thank you!!
I have similar questions for my DS on these issues as well...would appreciate any knowledgeable responses!
Before you go to your exam you will fill out an 83 question medical history. IF you answer yes to any of them, you will have to explain the yes answers on a separate page. One of the questions asks about bone injuries. There is also a sample in the instructions on how to explain these questions to DODMERB'S satisfaction. You take this paperwork to your physical, and will most likely be asked about the injuries by your doctor. You just need to tell the DOC the same info that you put in the remarks section. My three that went to USNA were also athletes and had broken bones, ankle sprains, etc. They were all cleared. My son had also taken antibiotics for acne, and some prescription cream, again these were not DQs, but I think that depends on what medication you were taking and how long ago. Again, you will have to list the creams in the remarks section of the paperwork you take to the exam.
Falconchic88 explained it well. I did the 83 question medical history. It is something to be completely honest with as you will go over it in detail with the medical provider at your physical part of the DODMERB along with the other things needed to be checked. As long as it doesn't affect you anymore and you are cleared, you should be fine. Just be honest though, they aren't going to DQ you for breaking an ankle during a basketball game three years ago or anything like that.