What would be my chances?


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Jun 12, 2008
I just finished my freshman year in high school and i'm hoping to get into the air force academy. I was wondering if anyone might know what my chances of getting in are:

-I have a 3.9 average

-I take all honors classes when possible

-I'm in student senate

-Freshman year I was class treasurer

-Sophomore year I was class president

-I am Congress Captain for the Debate team

-I'm in Cross Country and Track. I'm not in varsity yet since Freshmen rarely are given that chance.

-I'm in Key Club

-I'm in German National Honors Society

-I've won the President's Education Award

-I'm in the United States Achievement Academy

-I regularly volunteer for my neighborhood organization

-My Dad went to the Air Force Academy (I don't know if that would have anything to do with it or not)

Also, if anyone knows how many people apply to go to the academy each year from New Mexico, especially around the Albuquerque area, that'd be great.

I would try to focus on just a couple E.C.s and try to get leadership positions if you're limited by time, since admissions looks more for quality than quantity. Keep up with the grades and work on PSAT and SAT; that is time well spent. Great grades and good SAT/ACT scores won't give you an appointment, but can really make a difference.

I know somebody right now who will be a firstie from Albuquerque, if that helps.
Remember every year the number will fluctuate of how many apply, the only constant will be that ea MOC can only nom 10 for ea slot available and only 1 will be appt. that is why the SA's have the majority of their cadets in the top 5% of their `class, thus, keep your eye on your class rank. Also your SAT will be an important part of your WCS, so get it as high as you can. Even though you have stated you are on in honors, what is more important that you take the most difficult courses available...i.e being in honors eng, sci, math and foreign lang, with very few basket weaving courses will look better than being in honors eng and std math and sci. (in our school to ve placed in honors as a freshmen you had to advanced math in middle school) and than loading up with easy electives
need some information

hi, am very greatful for the information you have provided.now i know with a very good score on the sat could open the opportunity to admissions for an individual.well i am an african and comes from ghana. it has always ben my dream to join the army and especially the usa army where i can learn to be more discipline.as at now i am with mechanical craft and technician certificates and awaiting a technician diploma in plant technology.am i elegible for admissions at the academy if am to write the sat.please i need a haste reply since i yearn to know more.hope to hear from you soon.
Confusion here...how are you US Army ret?(you have that under your moniker) Second, if you are from Ghana, and not an American citizen you need to apply through Ghana. Third, are you interested in the Air Force or just the Army?