Whats next? 4 year ROTC schol. recipient


Dec 26, 2015
Hello, I am a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship recipient and an incoming freshman to my state school. I have been trying to get in contact with anyone at this point in the ROTC program as to whats next, when is the first day I show up, what else can I be doing? I know that I must pass a PFT to get official scholarship, but...no one from the battalion is replying and I am lost as to what comes next? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I feel as if since I gotten the scholarship I have lost contact with everything related to ROTC
The battalion might be going through some staffing transitions, vacations, etc. I know our ROO told me he has a very busy summer having to go to a different school almost every day (he has a number of schools affiliated as cross-town campuses) for orientations, visit days, etc. Keep trying.
I am surprised as the cadet my DD did overnight with has been so helpful to her in terms of what to bring. Did you meet an ROTC student when there on a visit that you could contact? If not, could you go onto the school's Facebook page to find one?
Some things my DD was told to bring are: excellent running shoes, plain (no logo) white crew or quarter-cut socks, thicker socks for boots, plain black or gray shorts and t-shirts for PT to use until you are issued your own, and a plain black waterproof sport watch, for females hair pins and pony holders that match hair color. My DD also opted to get more comfortable and better quality boots than the ones that will be issued, though this is optional - we went to nearby army base to be certain they would meet regulations and to check fit/comfort. I have seen posted that many students agree this is helpful, especially for those who have feet that might be fussy, sensitive, and/or hard to fit properly. I hope that helps!
If you've been trying to contact them via email, use the phones. Look through your spam folder, as any email from them may have ended up there. Believe it or not, we had trouble contacting some folks in the unit the summer DS was due to report - they were deployed to Afghanistan for the summer. You never know what these folks might be up to.
Use the phone like Kinnam recommended. Use the main number and it should connect with one of the civilian assistants attached to the unit. The civilian support staff does not change over that often. If you don't get an answer, leave a message and call back the following day. Also, remember to call during normal business hours.