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Discussion in 'Service Academy Parents' started by Ray Schultz, Jan 8, 2008.

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    My son received his congressional nomination for KP. We are very proud and happy for him. His gpa is 3.2 and has not fared well in math on his sat or act.very average at best.He has taken the sat 3 times.Does he have a chance?Everything else seems to be ok, can he be asked to attend prep school?He would welcome that, this is all new to me,any answers?
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    The US Coast Guard Academy, US Naval Academy, and US Merchant Marine Academy all use the Naval Academy Prep School (Naps) in Newport, RI, so Kings Point does have a prep school.
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    Oopsie. :smile: KP uses NMMI these days.

    Congrats to your son Ray! You have every right to be a proud Dad! Yep, prep school is an option KP uses for kids they want. But he could also be given a direct appointment too. Mine was weak on Math as well but went straight in. Prep school would have served him well. He fought like a bear to get through that Calc I & Calc II all in the first year. Good thing Plebes have no hair cause he would have pulled it all out. Many have advised that kids need to let it be known to their admissions officers that they would indeed be very interested in attending the prep school. I deem it good advice. Know that they look at more than just scores on paper. Best of luck to him!

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