When can I start my app?


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Jul 13, 2008
Back during the middle of junior year I applied and got accepted into sls. However, I chose to go to NASS instead. My question is with regards to when I will be able to continue my app. Right now it just says initial evaluation pending. Is that how everyone's is? Thanks in advance!
The app should be available soon...keep checking. I'm glad a trip to NASS helped you "see the light," and that you will be applying to The premiere military academy. :shake:

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My son did the same thing and we have the same status.
Last year Candidate Kits were sent out in very late August which I think was a little later (a month, maybe?) than usual and our son was getting a little nervous about not hearing anything... This year, I think they will be trying to do more of it online. Rest assured, you will be notified in plenty of time either via snail mail or email. In the meantime, be working on your nomination applications and essays, and asking for letters of recommendation for the nominations.

Good Luck! :wink:
For the record, we received an e mail from someone in admissions Friday that stated the on line applications would be up late August.