When does the academy start evaluating candidates?


USNA 2023
Dec 19, 2017

I an a junior in HS and USMA candidate. Looking to get an appointment to the military academy down the road... and I have been building myself and what I can use to make myself a competitive candidate. Anyways heres my question - I am in Tae Kwon Do martial arts and that is my sport that I do outside of school. I have been doing it for many years and I want to receive my black belt, which according to the Master, it will probably be October of this year (projected). It got me worried because I wanted to get mine before I get evaluated so I can put that as something I do, along with getting higher ranks in Civil air patrol. If anyone knows, when does the academy start evaluating people (assuming they are candidates already) and looking at their file and what they have to offer?
Your first evaluation will happen when you apply (or applied) to SLE. Your second evaluation will be made once you start completing your application your senior year.

If you’re worrying about this because you want your black belt to be on your application, stop worrying. The admissions commitee is really good and will take into account everything. And in my opinion, a black belt will not make or break your application.
So from all the guidance and mentoring I've received from graduates and former instructors they are looking for a well-rounded candidate. Yes, fantastic SAT scores can make you stand out but let's be honest, every person there is going to be near perfect on ACT/SAT, be president of something, at least one sport, etc. Do what you love and what you're good at, volunteer within the community, participate in clubs and activities, even if you choose to work there is an employee eval you can submit. Physically, you want to meet the minimum CFT scores listed. Stand out on your strong points, even if academics isn't it.