When does USAFA review files and varsity letter question

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    I have two questions -

    First, I keep checking my portal after this morning when I saw that my file is now 'complete' and I just want to know what day does the admissions committee meet together to review files so I can just focus on checking on those days only if I received anything or a status change.

    Second, I have a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, does USAFA count it as a varsity letter? I heard USMA does but I want to know about USAFA because I am only applying there, and also because my school does not give out varsity letters for track (which is the school varsity sport I play).

    Thank you!!
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    My DD got an email from the USAFA telling her to check her portal when her appointment decision came out. No need to keep checking your portal. You should get an email.
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    STOP DOING THAT. Now. As I replied to your other post... this is just not going to be helpful to you. It doesn't matter if the Admissions folks meet every single day. They probably aren't going to tell you ANYTHING until March/April. At this stage (and I know it is hard), once a week peek is fine, every ten days, better.

    PIMA's son had a ton of awards in martial arts, none of which was associated with his school. I suggest you contact her by PM since she can give you the details of her son's Karate career.

    My kids DID NOT EVEN GO TO SCHOOL, but were nationally ranked fencers, and USAFA recruited them. I don't think "lettering" in a non-school sport makes the least bit of difference. What's important:

    Did you compete on a large scale at recognized competitions? (Statewide, nationally, regionally, internationally - as appropriate and expected for your sport)

    Did you compete and gain ratings/rankings/awards and OFFICIAL STANDING in your non-school sport?

    Your competitions had to be sanctioned by a governing body and you have to be able to prove you competed and did well.

    There are several threads on this site regarding non-school and non-revenue sports. I think only Marching Band gets a little squirrelly but that's not your issue.