When is the latest a person can get appointed.

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by profsparrow, Feb 16, 2012.

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    All the nominations we can hope for have already been given. DS has an LOA. Our MoC told us that if someone becomes disqualified for any reason, DS will get the nomination. I know some DQs come in pretty late. How late is acceptable? Is there a deadline or would it be possible to get a nom as late as May? And then go to USNA in June?
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    Everyone is supposed to hear by April 15 as to their status. After that, only the wait list people have a chance of an appointment. Whether they get one depends on the acceptances. Sometimes, the news goes out very late (e.g., mid-June). Other times, much earlier.

    There are tales of people being called the week prior to I-Day. It's happened but not very often. Very few people are DQ'ed at the last minute and I think that, as a general rule, USNA lets those slots go unfilled.
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    Not true. Those nominations from traditional sources are due by the end of January, but the Dean doesn't send out decisions for the Vice Presidential nomination until April. Since I'm applying from Annapolis and didn't get a nomination from my representatives, this is my last shot :/

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